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To put a face on American poverty, it is important to first put that poverty in context -- to understand not just who is poor today but to examine how poverty changes over time. With that perspective, we can appreciate that in a nation as wealthy as the United States, poverty is not intractable.

Within the United States of America, a land of plenty, there are also pockets of extreme poverty.

The face of poverty in America is the result of policy choices, of political will, and of moral conviction -- or its absence. The incidence of poverty is heavily concentrated in the United States across the South and the Southwest. The legacy of slavery is part of that story. Forty percent of America's poor live in the South. Four of today's five poorest states were ones that existed in the old Confederacy. Of the onetime Confederate states, only two -- Florida and Virginia -- do not rank in the current 20 states with highest poverty levels.

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According to Harrington’s research, he found that nearly 50,000,000 Americans live in poverty.

America first proclaimed its independence on the basis of self-evident moral truths. America will remain a beacon of freedom for the world as long as it stands by those moral truths which are the very heart of its historical experience. And so America: If you want peace, work for justice. If you want justice, defend life. It you want life, embrace the truth, the truth revealed by God." Pope John Paul II, St. Louis, Missouri, January 1999

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A marathon radio program of issues surrounding homelessness in America with interviews and panel discussions by service providers, authors in the field, and homeless persons.

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Poverty is an important global issue because it plays a role in the estimated one billion people who lack access to health care systems (“Health Issues, Global Issues,” 2010)....

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There are about 46 million people who are living in impoverished conditions and poverty continues to be a social issue in this country (Heritage Foundation, 2011) In the beginning, our country was formed under the belief that “this land is the land of opportunity and if we worked hard enough the American Dream can be gained” (Schwarz, 1997)....

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Without the support of state legislatures though, many of the poorest Americans are not afforded amenities and remain in poverty, deprived of healthcare....

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In light of the struggles associated with minimum wages, there has been a growing need to address living wages as it is an on-going battle for many Americans to live above the federal poverty line and meet the basic cost of living....

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In a nation with a per capita GDP above the poverty line for a family of four, it is appalling that almost 3 million people work full time, year-round and are poor, and that more than 12 million American children are living in poverty. Lyndon Johnson proposed to fight poverty "because it is right, because it is wise." In a land of vast wealth, twice as rich as America in the 1960s, can today's leaders to rise to the occasion?