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The statue soon became a major tourist attraction. Visitors were originally able to go up the spiral staircase to the observation deck and the torch. After the the Statue of Liberty was closed. In 2004 Liberty Island reopened to tourists, but today you are only allowed to visit the museum in the pedestal.

The Statue of Liberty is one of New York City’s most popular tourist attractions

The Statue of Liberty was built by Fredrick Bartholdi. The French gave it to America as a gift in honour of the revolutions for freedom and liberty in both countries.

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Directions and Transportation:Liberty and Ellis Islands are accessible by Statue of Liberty/Ellis Island Ferry, Inc.

Originally displayed on the interior wall ofthe Statue of Liberty's pedestal, it was placed in the Liberty exhibitin the base of the monument in July, 1886.

Emma Lazarus (1849-1887)

For 127 years, she’s watched over and welcomed people to the USA

Architect of the pedestal: Richard Morris Hunt (in 1877)
Champion Fundraiser for the Pedestal: Joseph Pulitzer,
Hungarian immigrant, Publisher of the New York World.
Treaurer of The American Committee for the Statue of Liberty:
Henry A.

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It still stands now, on Ile des Cygnes an island in the
Seine River, next to the Pont de Grenelle, a bridge crossing the Seine,
1.5 km downstrean (South) of the Eiffel Tower.

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The was built out of copper plates that were put on a steel frame. Together with the concrete which it stands on the statue rises almost 100 metres into the sky. It shows a woman in a robe , wearing a crown with 7 spikes and holding a torch in her hand. In her left hand she holds a tablet with the inscription "July 4, 1776" , the date of the Declaration of Independence .