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(The multiplicity of accents used for Vietnamese tones makes their reproduction in simple HTML impossible.)French rule in Indo-China was permanently shaken by Japanese occupation during World War II.

faced an impossible challenge in the Vietnam War because ..
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On March 16 a U.S. Army unit massacres hundreds of unarmed villagers in My Lai, South Vietnam, though the Army will conceal this fact for more than a year, claiming it as a significant “victory” over the NLF. Ultimately a letter from former GI Ron Ridenhour to his congressman causes the truth to be revealed.

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These figures alone, totally dispel the notion that somehow the US soldiers in Vietnam were not on a par with those who served in earlier wars.
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The North Vietnamese approach to international control and ours were so totally at variance that it seemed impossible at that point to come to any satisfactory conclusion.

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Thus, Americans increasingly depended on television for images and accurate accounts of the Vietnam War; what they were watching, however, were edited, thirty-minute versions of an extremely complex war.

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Therefore, after having researched the power of television and its coverage of the war, I interviewed four Vietnam veterans in order to understand how they interpreted the coverage and how they feel it contributed to the image of the Vietnam Veteran.

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As I grew older, however, I noticed in movies and on television that the Vietnam veteran is not portrayed as a brave soldier; rather, he is a violent psychopath who continuously experiences flashbacks of the war.

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However, Dean Acheson’s unexpected January speech triggered the communist invasion of South Korea and full communist support for the war in Vietnam was delayed until the cessation of hostilities on the Korean peninsular in Jun 1953.

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That this battle is still portrayed to the world as a Vietnamese guerrilla victory over the French, is yet another tribute to their formidable propaganda skills.

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In June, Nixon meets with President Thieu at Midway Island to prepare him for the coming plan of Vietnamization (the Nixon Doctrine). Accordingly, the U.S. would gradually limit its involvement to economic and military aid, and work towards building up the ARVN so as to allow it to take over a larger share of the fighting. All this is code for the eventual withdrawal of the U.S. from Vietnam. The President announces the withdrawal of 25,000 American combat troops. In light of talks opening up with China for the first time in decades, Secretary of State Henry Kissinger calls Vietnam a “sideshow”.