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Importantcontaminants include heavy metals and many thousands of kinds of manufacturedchemicals. Water contamination can occur from:
Emissions into the atmosphere that either settle onto or wash onto theearth's surface
and from there into the surface or ground water.
Waste dumps that leak into surface or ground water.
Leakage from storage areas of chemical products or their precursors.
Accidents and spills during transport of chemicals.
Direct dumping of contaminants into surface water for disposal.

Discussing the Facts… In the early 1980s, why was the drinking age raised to 21 nationwide
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This applies to any community water system serving at least 10,000 people that adds a disinfectant to the drinking water during any part of the treatment process. By 2002 the MCL for TTHMS will be lowered to 0.08mg/l (or 80 ug/l) and a MCL for HAAs will be set at 0.06mg/l

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17/07/2014 · Why and when was the drinking age raised to 21
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