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In Florida, auto AC is as important as air conditioning in your home. A functioning auto AC provides daily comfort from the heat outside. If your auto AC emits undesirable cooling then it is time to bring your car to an auto service and have it checked. AC repair can range from a simple cleaning of a dirty condenser to a mechanical procedure.

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Unfortunately, some carseat advocates and even some pediatricians are notfully aware of the important safety benefits that rear-facing carseatsprovide. Some still adhere to obsolete recommendations from manyyears ago. In fact, the latest policy statement from the American Academyof Pediatrics (April 2011) states, "All infants and toddlers should ride in a rear-facing car safety seat (CSS) until they are 2 years of age or until they reach the highest weight or height allowed by the manufacturer of their CSS." Links on this issue to other websites and organizations can be found below.

one of the bedrocks of car safety.

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If your brakes are trying to tell you something, you should pay attention. A properly operating brake system helps ensure safe vehicle control and operation and it should be checked immediately if you suspect any problems, says the non-profit Car Care Council. “While an annual brake inspection is a good way to ensure brake safety,

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It should be noted again that all currently sold carseats pass minimumgovernment safety regulations and crash tests. No carseats are perfect,and none will fit every vehicle or child. Please visit our page, and consider which features in thisguide will help you to use your carseat properly EACH and EVERYtime! No car seat will have all these features, and few even havemost of them. Some of these features may not even be important inyour situation (e.g. if you only use LATCH, you won't need a seat withbuilt-in locking clips). In the end, you must make your ownjudgment as to which seats fit your preferences the best, since it ispossible that a seat recommended in a guide or on a forum will not workfor you. Most importantly, ask if you can try the carseat with yourchild and with your vehicle before you buy. Also make sure there isa good return policy, especially if you order online. You may laterfind the carseat simply doesn't fit, or that your child doesn't likeit. Recommendations and advice cannot replace having your newcarseat inspected. Many hospitals, police, fire and public healthdepartments have certified Child Passenger Safety technicians onstaff. You may also visit our to locate a technician, event or fitting station near you. Inspections are almost always free, and most technicians should takethe time to help you learn how to do it yourself and can answer anyquestions you have.

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It only takes a penny to see if your tires are worn or losing tread. Examining your tires for wear and tear, along with checking tire pressure and alignment, are essential to ensuring your vehicle’s safety on the road and helping to improve gas mileage and performance. The non-profit Car Care Council recommends that motorists

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Before you pack up the car to head home for the holidays, the Car Care Council reminds you to make sure your vehicle is ready for the journey. Conducting a thorough vehicle inspection will help you avoid the inconvenience and potential safety hazards of breaking down miles away from home. “It’s easy to remember to