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: Health, environmental and safety standards often vary from country to country. These may act as a barrier to free trade and a tool of protectionism. For example, the European Union has very stringent health and safety standards that goods have to meet in order to be imported.

Fischer (1993) and Barro (1996) shows that the impact of inflation on growth is small and negative.

The aim of this study is to examine the impact of inflation on economic growth in Sri Lanka for the period of 1988 – 2015 using the framework of Johansen cointegration test and Error Correction model.

The Impact of Interest rate and Inflation on Exchange rates.

Motivated by this economic controversial, this study investigated the impact of inflation on economic growth in Sri Lanka.

The Government of India is taking necessary steps to create an environment that will regulate macroeconomic policy variables like exchange rates, trade openness and inflation rate which is highly essential for attracting foreign capital into an economy which will stabilize and strengthen trade relationship with other economies of the world.


International trade is the system by which countries exchange goods and services. Countries trade with each other to obtain things that are better quality, less expensive or simply different from what is produced at home.

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International trade occurs because individuals, businesses and governments in one country want to buy goods and services produced in another country. Trade provides people with greater selection of goods and services to chose from and often these goods are available at prices lower than those in the domestic economy.

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Purchasing Power Parity permit to reflect the impact of inflation on exchange rate by describing the process under constrains by which exchange rate are calculated in term of changes in real inflation rate.

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The cost of international transportation and communication has fallen drastically, resulting in greater integration among the economies of the world. Because of this interdependence, economic trends and conditions in one country can strongly affect prices, wages, employment and production in other countries. Events in Tokyo, London and Mexico City have a direct effect on the everyday life of people in the U.S., just as the impact of events in New York, Washington and Chicago is felt around the globe.

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Most international trade consists of the purchase and sale of industrial equipment, consumer goods, oil and agricultural products. Services such as banking, insurance, transportation, telecommunications, engineering and tourism account for one-fifth of the world exports.