The history of computers is fascinating....

The consideration that holds back such an effort, apparently, is that the effort would produce nothing that would be of great value in the context of existing computers.

One form of media whose impact has declined over the years is the print media.

Given the increased use of computers in schools it is curious that there has not been more research on how computers directly impact brain activity in children. In fact, much of the literature that exists about computer use and children champions its advantages (1)(7). While it is true that computers can certainly supplement the learning process and aide children who have learning disabilities so that they are able to comprehend material that would otherwise prove challenging, they must be used in moderation (7). Jane Healy writes, “The way children use computers may have powerful long-term effects on their minds. The main reason, of course, is that using any medium affects the underlying neural circuitry that is being established during childhood and adolescence” (4). Before parents and educators become too excited about children using computers, the long-lasting neurological impacts must be taken into account.

Computers in the modern world are the main source of knowledge.

The computers in schools today are equipped with educational software that greatly aids learning.

We may in due course see a serious effort to develop computer programs that can be connected together like the words and phrases of speech to do whatever computation or control is required at the moment.

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As a preeteen/teen I spent most of my time on a computer chatting on chat lines and role playing. I did not have parents that monitored my computer. I did lots of things online through role play. the senarios where things a teen at the age of 14 probably shouldn't be acting out. I'm 25 now and I am noticing I am not exactly sure who I am as a person. I do see a therepist but I'd be interesting to find out more information about the damage this may have caused. Any suggestions on where to look?

The Impact of Software on People and Society

I do agree with those concerns. I am PhD. candidate at the Faculty of Pedagogy in Slovakia and I study the impact of computers on preschool children. Nowdays the computer is presented as an educational tool and its implementation into the kindergartens has started in our country two years ago.
I am interested in research and new information.
Best regards, Mirka Visnovska, Mgr.

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I understand what you are saying when you state that "when i was a kid i use to play video games 13 hours a day and nothing happened to me," as I did the same as well. What I do not understand, and maybe I am just nit-picking, is your lack of effort in capitalizing letters in you forum post. Then again, I see that this post was submitted by "Rude Boy!" Lol!!! I guess the shoe fits. I usually do not respond to posts where one has not taken the chance to correct this simple error, but in this case I just had to. Not making fun of you or anything, but I am just pointing this out. The professional environment does not tolerate this.

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I was looking for my Project title and came across your comment on Children and Computers. My interest is to make all kids IT literate and for my BA project I am looking at impacts of computers on kids.