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Examples such as these powerfully refute the claim that the death penalty never deters. Though many large-scale empirical studies have purported to find a substantial deterrent effect (as we detail in our book), others have challenged these findings, and among quantitative social scientists the issue remains unresolved. But this should not surprise us at a time when executions per year (51 between 2000 and 2015) are dwarfed by homicides per year (15,600 during the same period). Even if each execution saved 5-10 lives (a midrange for the studies that reported deterrence), the total number of lives saved would amount to only a few percent of all homicides. It is simply not likely that social scientists could discern such a statistically small effect, especially when year-to-year changes in homicides are driven by a host of social conditions independent of punishment practices: drug use, gang wars, economic conditions, immigration patterns, etc. Yet, even a small deterrent effect (say in the range of 2-3) would have saved several thousand lives from the nation’s 1,465 executions since 1977. And of course if the death penalty does deter, it would save more lives if it were used more often.

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When Jesus was on the earth, He looked at His culture and labeled it, "an adulterous and sinful generation." (Mark 8:38) If He were to speak to our day, what would He say about 20th Century America? Some may ask, "Preacher, is this material relevant today?" My answer would be, "Yes!" We live in a world where nearly 50% of all men say they have committed adultery, (Ill. That is just the number that will admit to it! Researchers estimate the nearly two-thirds of all married men will commit adultery before the age of 40.) 41% of married women also say they are guilty of this sin. Is it relevant? "Yes!" Because the statistics are just as bad for the church! Christianity Today did a random sampling of 1000 subscribers and questioned them on the matter of Adultery. 45% said they had acted inappropriately and 23% said they had committed adultery. It is relevant because it has a negative effect on our young people. One-fifth of youth lose their virginity before the age of 13! It is no wonder that AIDs, sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancies are on the increase. It can all be traced back to a lack of morality and standards at home! When children see their parents living immoral lives, it sends the massage that sexual immorality is good and acceptable. Billy Graham, in a recent survey, found that 40% of youth in Bible believing, evangelical churches were sexually active. He also found that 60% of single adults in these churches were not only sexually active, but over half reported having multiple partners!

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A. As goes the family, so goes the society. When we see the family unit being destroyed, we come to see that our society as a whole is in danger of collapsing. In fact, every great empire that has fallen has done so as the result of sexual immorality! Is America next? It all depends on what we do with our sexuality! (Ill. Immorality, homosexuality, etc, abound in our day. We need to turn the tide and doing so demands that it begin in my home and yours. We need to covenant together and vow to God that we will guard our homes and our lives against these evil sins.)