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However, not all motives for immigration were economical or due to a sense of family. Many women came for personal fulfillment. The number of Chinese female students immigrating to the US increased between 1910 and 1930. In fact, Chinese female students arrived as early as 1881. (Ling 1998) The motives of Chinese women immigrating to the US ranged from factors in homeland China to lures of "the land of gold". These push and pull factors caused an increase in the population of Chinese women in the US that changed the face of America's Chinese communities, or "bachelor societies" as they were often called, forever.

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Unlike Republicans in the past such as Ronald Reagan, who supported Third-World immigration on the hopeful if naive assumption that the immigrants were all assimilating, President Bush actively promotes the growth and development of foreign languages and unassimilated foreign cultures in this country.

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Sep 16, 2014 · Immigration reform is a key tool to courting America's greatest political asset. How both political parties resolve the immigration debacle can be an important gauge on the future of American political process.

The United States of America is considered to be a “Nation of Immigrants”, a country in which adaptation to life depends on an individual’s unique, interlocking background elements. The Ellis Island National Museum of Immigration provides an overview of the way these particular factors contributed to the hardships immigrants faced and the opportunities they obtained throughout their journey. At first, visitors are presented several accounts of the physical pain and emotional disturbances that the immigrants experienced – problems that resulted not just for being foreigners to this land, but also determined by their nationality, gender, age, and health status. Additionally, the Ellis Island museum provides a glimpse into the way some immigrants were able to overcome these oppressive obstacles and build their lives in America, receiving aid from labor unions, special associations, and their own communities.

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We could speak about the redefinition of America as a multicultural society instead of as a nation; or the permanent establishment of affirmative action programs for immigrants based on their race; or the town in Texas that declared Spanish its official language; or the thousands of Hispanics at an international soccer match in Los Angeles who booed and threw garbage at the American team; or the decline in educational andEnvironmental standards in areas dominated by Hispanics; or the Hmong people from Laos who bring shamans and witch doctors into hospital rooms; or the customs of voodoo and animal sacrifice and forced marriage and female genital mutilation that have been imported into this country by recent immigrants; or the pushing aside of Christianity in our public life to give equal respect to non-Western religions; or the evisceration of American history in our schools because our white-majority American past is no longer seen as representative of our newly diverse population; or the vast numbers of Muslims established in cities throughout this country who sympathize with the Muslim terrorists and dream of turning America into an Islamic state; or our own leaders who, even after September 11, keep telling us that the Muslims are all patriotic and tolerant, keep warning us against our supposed anti-Muslim bigotry, and continue letting thousands of people from terror supporting countries to immigrate into America.

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Of course economic and political forces, and the birthrate factor, are pushing this process in a variety of ways, but on the deepest level the cause is not material, it is philosophical and spiritual.