New Humanists share the following HumanistAttitude:

Martines, Lauro. The Social World of the Florentine Humanists, 1390–1460. Princeton, NJ: Princeton University Press, 1963. DOI:

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Introduction, Latin text, and English translation of a humanist treatise on the papal Curia, written in 1438. It praises the institution and criticizes its members.

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The idea of the Humanist Party as a politicalparty was launched on March 8, 1984, as a recommendation from theDepartment of Social Affairs of The Community for HumanDevelopment. Around the world many Humanist Parties started toemerge and on January 4, 1989, in , , the first congress of the washeld.

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The human body, so long excluded from and medieval by religious scruple - except in the most meagre and unrealistic form - gained a new importance in the portrayal of the gods, goddesses and heroes of classical myth.

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The leading journal in the field, with articles and reviews in all disciplines involving the Renaissance. Because it covers all fields, only a small number deal with humanism. Published by the Renaissance Society of America.

and humanist thinkers had to ..

Grendler, Paul F. “Georg Voigt: Historian of Humanism.” In Humanism and Creativity in the Renaissance: Essays in Honor of Ronald G. Witt. Edited by Christopher S. Celenza and Kenneth Gouwens, 295–325. Leiden, The Netherlands, and Boston: Brill, 2006.

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is the leading journal in the field. It began as in 1948 and assumed its current title in 1967. Back issues are available online through several subscription services. has detailed studies on northern humanism in particular, while concentrates on the connections between late medieval and early Renaissance scholarly developments in Italy.

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Ludovico Gonzaga ( 1414-78) Marquess of Mantua, was a typical Renaissance ruler in his aptitude for politics and diplomacy, in his encouragement of humanist learning and in the cultivated taste that led him to form a great art collection and to employ Andrea Mantegna (1431-1506) as court painter.

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Some disaffected former members have also complained that theHumanist Movement is a ,though some ex-members object to this label,considering this merely an attempt to discredit theorganization.