A History of Women in Sport Prior to Title IX

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women's basketball team captures its first Olympic gold medal in Los Angeles.

1990- The first nineteen women to compete in the modern Olympic Games in Paris, played in three sports and one of the most popular was tennis.

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March 28, 1982 Louisiana Tech defeats Cheney State, 76-62, to win the first NCAA Women's Basketball championship.

The first United States Senior Women's National Team compiles an undefeated record of 52-0 against NCAA and international opponents.

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21).Living and working in the home,variousresponsibilities were imposed on women: “the functions of wife andmother thatwomen had always performed were now construed as a necessity and aduty” (Arthur,p.

The History of Sports, From Ancient Times to Modern Day

Women and girls who participate in sports...
have higher grades than students who don't
have lower drop out rates
have lower pregnancy rates
are less likely to use drugs
are more likely to graduate college
learn skills that will help them all of their lives

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Anyway, a Smith girl, Senda Berenson, was the foremother of women's basketball - the visionary responsible for bringing basketball to the kinder, gentler sex.

The entire history of active sports clothing is tied to ..

2001- Serena and Venus Williams made it a historic U.S. Open in the first women's final televised prime time from Arthur Ashe Stadium in NY. Venus won her second consecutive US Open title, beating Serena 6-2, 6-4 in the first Grand Slam between sisters in 117 years.

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2000- Venus and Serena Williams received the Sportswomen of the Year award, a team honor, by the Women’s Sports Foundation.

During the 56-year history of the Men's All Sports ..

1999- In a historic tennis match-up, the Williams sisters, Venus and Serena met in the women's final of the Lipton Championship. Venus won the match, after beating Serena two games to one, and winning $265,000. She had won all three meetings between each other. This all-sisters women's final was the first since the Open era began in 1968.