It is the pressure of this gas whichmakes the bread rise.

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"Monkey Bread (by ZaSu Pitts)
1 12/ cup cakes compressed yeast
1 cup milk scalded and cooled to lukewarm
1 tablespoon sugar
3 to 4 cups sifted flour
1/2 cup melted butter
2 eggs
1 teaspoon salt
Method: Dissolve the yeast and the sugar in the lukewarm milk.

To him, the image signified a sense of “wonder,” and Wonder® Bread was born.

English bakers, and indeed many of the older French ones,still call this type of bread 'Vienna' bread, the true French bread being the old round or cylindrical hand-shaped 'pain decampagne' or pain demenage', plump, and crossed with cuts to that when baked the crust is of many different shades,gradations and texturesand the crumb rather open and coarse.

Bread made from wheat is the best and most nutritious of all foods.

The letter, featuring a picture of the new Wonder loaf, invited the reader to try the new bread.

In the seventeenth century, deep tin or wooden hoops and, more rarely,round ironcake pans were used for yeast cakes, and there were earthenware dishes for pies, 'broad tins' forgingerbread, tin patty pans, plates and oven sheets for small cakes, biscuits andconfectionery...andoccasionally wooden dishes for moulding rolls or small loaves--Robert May [English cookbookauthor:, [1660] specifies these--but until the turn of the eighteenth centuryno mention ismade in cookery books of tins for bread-baking.

It probably will not rise above the top of a standard size bread pan.

There should be 'a little anise, fennel seed and mastic', additions still favoured by many Aegean bread-makers...Bread was the staple food of Byzantium.

15)"Salt-rising bread is one of the oldest breads in this country.

The municipal regulations specify with great precision the price to be charged for bread, and also exempt the human and animal staff of bakeries from being commandeered for public service.

In fact, it is one of the most remarkable of all breads.

Consequently, any of the recipes below should be treated as speculative...the 'wheaten bread should be prepared from the least glutinous wheat flour possible, and this gently fermented with sweet leaven, such as is made form the hardest spelt flour...Bake in an oven seems to be to be safer than in a covered earthenware vessel, but better still is baking in a milk bread oven: for the baking is gentle and takes a long time and burning from the fire does not readily happen to the bread in the baking because the heat is outside the oven.'...Oribasios appears to be describing a wheat bread made with something like (low gluten) cake flour and a starter made from spelt.

"There has always been a certain snobbery about the colour of bread.

"If you wish to get the taste of spelt in your bread, but don't want to go to the trouble of making the starter, you can use spelt flour plus commercial yeast.

White bread has the glorious heritage of the free man.

"'Koukoule says, 'Brucellatum was the Latin for crusted wheat and it was used to make unleavened bread for the soldiers...The bread which is given to the troops to eat, required that it be dunked into liquid to soften it enough to be chewed.'
4 C(ups) crushed wheat, 1 C(up) water.