the Hellbound Heart: Skyla and Ash Madi – Advance Comics

"In a sense, Night Visions 3 is the 'British invasion' volume in the series. Both [Ramsey] Campbell and Barker are natives of England, while [Lisa] Tuttle - although Texan by birth - has been residing in London for several years...All three writers are at the top of their form. And since the book is issued by a small speciality publisher rather than a general-audience trade outfit, we can assume that everyone was given carte blanche to let their imaginations go as wild as they dared. Each writer was allotted 30,000 words worth of space...Clive Barker contributes a single novella titled The Hellbound Heart. A woman falls in love with a man whose spirit exists in the house she recently moved into, and she must feed it human blood to bring its flesh back to this earthly plane. It's typical Barker - sex and violence all rolled up into one disgustingly delightful mixture."

In: NIGHT VISIONS: THE HELLBOUND HEART Berkley Books, New York, USA 1988 Paperback edition @ $4.50.
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"One of those pages [in Clive Barker - Illustrator] contained the original drawing of Pinhead. And God knows where that drawing came from. It wasn't in a dream. But it came from somewhere in my psyche. I probably drew it around the time that I wrote the story because The Hellbound Heart, upon which Hellraiser is based, contains quite a specific description of Pinhead. The whole geometry of him, the scarification of his face, the pins driven in at each intersection of the lines, and the kind of priestly garb which the Cenobites wore in Hellraiser were also described. So really there was quite a solid jumping-off place for Pinhead. But I don't know where those images came from. Maybe it's great that I know. It's one of the secrets of the psyche."

the Hellbound Heart: Skyla and Ash Madi – Advance …

Pinhead's ambiguous gender and jeweled pins as described in The Hellbound Heart
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The Hellbound Heart has much to offer Barker fans and novices like, the concepts explored and the manner they are portrayed make for a captivating read. Also worthwhile for those who enjoyed the Hellraiser films, to see the conception of Pinhead.