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The most powerful Yuan Dynasty (1271 A.D - 1368 A.D) and the last Qing Dynasty (1644 A.D - 1911 A.D) did nothing about the building of the Great Wall since they were "barbarians" against whom the Great Wall of China had been built.

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If you don't have strong legs, we suggest you take the cable up the wall and walk down.

April, October, and earlier November: long shorts, overcoat; May, June, July and August: Summer dress - many T-shirts shorts; December, January and early early February: winter hat with ear flap, ear warmers, gloves, scarf, warm jackets and ther winter accessories.

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"Xiangshuihu" literally means "the gurgling lake Great Wall", named after the the rippling sound of water flowing through the ancient pass in the valley below the Great Wall.

It has become popular with hikers in recent years.

You can either travel independently doing all the researching on your own or turn to a local travel agency such as Tour Beijing for arranging time-saving and hassle-free day trips to the Great Wall.

It is an informal section of the Wall.

They will offer you the quick and safe limo service.

Take a local Great Wall group tour to split up the cost, a good way of having excursions to the different sections of the Great Wall around Beijing.

Yunmeng ( Yunmengshan Mountain ).

If you visit the Great Wall for the first time, basically you need to plan ahead to know when to visit, which section to visit and how to visit.

Yunmengshan Great Wall is a small bit of the Wall around Beijing.

Mutianyu Private Day Tours:

Mutianyu Group Day Tour:

Luanling literally means "Donkey Saddle’s Mountain".

( namely the Wall east of Beijing to the Sea) including the Wall near Beijing are the most luxuary sections of the Great Wall in China's history, which are made of majestic bricks and stones with a length of over 1000km.

“Jiangjunguan” literally means “a general’s pass”.

It is one of the most challenging part of the Great Wall for hiking (ruined, preserved and original).