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We're also responsible for the yearly famous Halloween Houdini Seance on the anniversary of Houdini's death, that was done by Houdini's wife and then passed on to biographer and writer of the Shadow series Walter B.

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Known as one of the most influential filmmakers of all time, Alfred Hitchcock’s unique vision in movies like Psycho and The Birds sent shivers down our spines and shockwaves through the film industry. His innovative camera techniques have been studied for decades and his gift for storytelling cemented his place in history. Many directors make great movies, but the genius of Hitchcock helped make movies great. Learn how a chubby boy from London became the “Master of Suspense.”

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Houdini brought the "East Indian Needle Trick" from the obscurity of sideshows to popular culture in the early 1900s. In this trick, Houdini swallows 50 to 100 needles, 20 yards of thread and brings them all up threaded, after his mouth and throat have been inspected by a committee. He begins by placing the needles and thread on his tongue and appears to swallow them. To perform this trick, Houdini would simply place a length of thread already threaded with needles and place them between his lips and gums before his mouth was examined. By tying a note on each side of the needle, a little "play" was allowed, so that the needles were loose, appearing to be normally threaded. This prevented any real danger of having the needles coming loose from the thread, which could have injured Houdini. At this point, Houdini's job was simply to deceive the committee. This required a great deal of thought and skill. In showing his mouth, he would draw his upper and lower lips away from his gums and teeth. Most suspicion was directed toward the back portion of the upper gums and Houdini would simply draw his cheeks wide with his little fingers to give a thorough view of the area. In drawing his lower lips and pulling his cheeks outward, his fingers would cover the needles hidden by his lower lip. He could also move the needle to the area between his upper gum and lips and move them back after inspection. In cases of extreme inspection, Houdini could manipulate the needles to be hidden beneath his tongue.