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Jesus, as our ultimate example, came to show us how to live. He calls us to be those living tabernacles of His presence in the earth. As the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of glory who dwells in us and is Christ in us, the hope of glory, we become carriers of that most excellent presence of God. Open the door to the Holy Spirit to fill and flow through you to reveal the reality of God to others. In the Old Testament, you had to go to the Tabernacle to experience the presence of God. Now we are the living tabernacles that can carry the glory of God to the world.

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To Freud and others, this looks like the Hebrew word for "Lord," , , which traditionally is read, as , , in place of the sacred (, the Tetragrammaton) in the Bible.

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Modern explanations for the phenomenon of Akhenaton may even gravitate to the idea that even didn't believe any of it; but the whole cult was just a cynical way of breaking the power of the priesthood of Amon, and of all the other gods.

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Therefore, the picture on the cover of this book has a crown representing the glory that God desires to give to all of His children, and the cross is under girding the crown.

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In the past month before the Jewish new year up to Yom Kippur, there were some intense battles going on in the spirit realm. Many felt personal turmoil, then just a general spiritual resistance to their lives. Since then, there has been a crossing over into a new place of blessing, rest and peace. There was a definite bending of the bow and release of God's arrow that had taken out much resistance. Many felt like they were the bow being bent! God shot His arrow through them. The week after Yom Kippur, I heard the Lord say, "


The was a clear time of specific testing up to the time of Yom Kippur, where God's people had the opportunity to fall upon the rock of Jesus, allowing Him to do a work in their hearts. God says, He wants us to know that He is with us in the most difficult of times. He will never leave us of forsake us, but is with us in all places wherever we go.


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"Christians have very mixed-up notions of what is meant by the Kingdom of God. The prevailing opinion is that it is a state or condition which the believer experiences, both individually and in the corporate life of the Church as the body of Christ. Here Christ's reign is realized. But in only one passage in the Gospels -- and there by a mistranslation of the Greek text -- is the Kingdom of God or Kingdom of Heaven represented as something internal. Yet so enthusiastic has the Church been to evade the consequences of regarding Jesus as the Messiah that it has singled out as of special merit the words 'the Kingdom of God is within you' (Luke 17:21). Everywhere else in the Synoptic Gospels, in Luke as in Matthew and Mark, the Kingdom of God is a state of affairs on earth, the coming of which is to be prayed for, which Jews should seek after, strive to be worthy of and thus be able to enter into, and which is described as near at hand. "', p.68, emphasis added).

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Especially favoured were the god Amun and his great temple at Karnak, in the capital Thebes.Â
Egypt’s stability was briefly ruptured when the late 18th Dynasty king Amenhotep IV, also known as Akhenaten, changed the Egyptian religion and had most temples closed, favouring one new god, the solar-deity Aton.