Book The Office-Politics Game Workshop:

This section contains three subsections:
The Human Qualities – which covers the motivation and the means to reach political goals.
The Political Players – types of players and the various political systems.
The Political Power – defining direct and indirect power.

 Here, we dissect some of the best political lessons from the land of Westeros.

lets YOU be an Office Politics Adviser and offer your best, sage advice. And then it turns the tables, and puts you into the role of Advice-seeker! How does the advice measure up? Well, the Advice-seeker each round is the ultimate judge, but you can also peek at the back of the book to see how the real Office-Politics Advisers answered.

"Inside Google, it's a 'Game of Thrones.'"

The show and books are full of violence, sex, and political intrigue.

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to place the fate of the world above mere politics?

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The sexist language of politics: Both men and women …

Florida is the , with slightly more than 20 million people. In 2016, Donald Trump beat Hillary Clinton by , to win its 29 Electoral College votes. Should 60 percent of Floridians — the threshold for passage — who vote next fall approve the constitutional amendment, it could deeply alter the state’s politics as well as its criminal justice system.

Patrick Schwarzenegger, Sure, I May Get In the Politics Game

"Game of Thrones" is a series of novels and an HBO television show. The plot is wildly intricate, but the main story is about how several families from all over the Kingdom are competing to take over the throne.

The Game of Politics | Turangawaewae

The main takeaway? One of the best assets for a politician is a wildly energetic base of support — be they Rep. Ron Paul's libertarians, President Obama's Organizing for America, or the crowd of people waiting for the word to run Hilliary Clinton's 2016 campaign.