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I agree with Brandon I play neither sports and I do prefer baseball but football can be occasionally fun to watch with friends however with soccer there are few moments where you indeed feel that rush of excitement
While the commercial do irritate me
It’s not too bad for the game and friends help me ignore it but with soccer it feels like I’m actually watching commercials until finally someone scores I disagree with you that the 0-0 games are exciting at first when someone has a chance to score its cool but after the next 3 or 4 times it just gets boring and repetitive

I loved the Paintball experience, and would like to play again & Paint the town with Paintball!

This was my experience at The Paintball and trust me it is more than an extreme sport. Its fun awesome, thrilling and really put some life into living.

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Best decision I ever made. They were the nicest paintball people I have ever met (been paintballing since 2004). Accomodated our party with no problem whatsoever, even though last minute. Helped us with anything we needed and even gave us discounts. Had awesome fields (5 more than outlaw) even a turf field! It was unanimously agreed – the best part of our bachelor party weekend! MAKE THE EXTRA DRIVE!

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So silly. This is on par with pigs are pink, flamingos are pink; flamingos fly, therefore pigs can fly. Just one item — take that goalie. For the huge majority of the game time, he is just standing there. In Football (American) you can’t just count the action time; there is all the strategy in the huddle, the changes at the line, the reorganizations, the alternative plays —- lots going on all the time, not just in the 4 seconds of play. If you look at soccer the same way, the goalie time is like 4 seconds. Hardly reflective of the game or action.

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Honestly I love sports, and you sir are very biased towards soccer and hockey. Basketball stops the clock a lot when there is no action, actually almost the whole game is action except commercials obviously. Football during the huddle they are strategically coming up what to do next play obviously not action, but neither is it always 35 seconds, that is a huge lie. But I will say football does have the least amount of action but also the most strategic sport. Soccer and hockey is a ton of passing ball/puck around until opportunities arise, if you want to call the action go ahead but its not much. I will say soccer is probably the most cardiovascular sport right ahead of basketball. Football the toughest but the shortest, with hockey on its ass because the fights and checking. Honestly its what you like, its all opinion but when doing something like this dont be biased. I forgot to mention baseball which I think only one player is emphasized during a play, that’s a lot of standing around for everyone else, kind of like the goalies for hockey and soccer. So when you add up that standing around that’s not very much action for those players. Football has offense and defense so they also get huge breaks. Hockey rotates players when they get tired also so does every sport. So its hard to say which one is more action between basketball and soccer.

How much live action occurs in each sport

Myself, my two sons, and two of my older son’s friends played paintball for the first time at Texas Paintball two weeks ago and were immediately hooked. What is the BEST thing about Texas Paintball? The size! The fields are very large and one can really move around in them.