Engineering & Applied Science

Training Requirements and Management Directorate (N9). N9 is responsible for future training requirements. Strategic planning and resourcing have been the cornerstone of SWOS’ progressive acquisition of advanced training technology and infrastructure. The N9 Directorate is responsible for resource prioritization, curriculum modernization, and supporting the annual POM budget submission. In addition, N9 works with N70 to schedule all courses of instruction within the schoolhouse in eTRMS, and manages the Corporate Enterprise Training Activity Resource Systems (CeTARS) – the authoritative training database for all formal Navy training. N9 supervises the collection of instructor data from eTRMS that will support the proper loading of instructors throughout the command and report this data on a weekly basis. N9 manages the student data retention database. N9 is SWOS’ principle contact with NAWC TSD for funding prioritization that addresses SWOS training requirements. N9 is responsible for Training Project Plans (TPP), the TRPPM process, as well as Navy Training Systems Plans (NTSP), Front End Analyses (FEA), Business Case Analyses, and feasibility studies; all to support the development and management of training requirements.

Success may result in winning, but winning does not necessarily make you a success.”

A continuously improving, value-based, center of excellence properly resourced and future-focused where students expand and deepen their level of knowledge and grow their experience base in each encounter with the SWOSCOLCOM training continuum. Additionally, Officers and senior enlisted leaders will sharpen leadership, management and professional skills. Students will develop the necessary perspective to succeed at every level of the Surface Navy, culminating – for Officers – in Command at Sea.

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Pass legislation to increase service obligations for SWOs to 10 years or the completion of 2 Department Head tours. Since Congress has enacted 10 USC § 6959, it will require new legislation from Congress to extend SWO service obligation, just as they did in 1989 to extend Pilot/NFO service obligations (10 USC §653).

Funeral Services will be Monday, March 5, 2018 at 2:00 p.m. at the SWO community center in Agency Village, SD. Jr. Heminger CLP, John Cloud, and Butch Felix will officiate with Betty Neilan as the pianist and the Drum Group Dakota Nation.