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Flooding may be extreme now but also when the Bristol channel bursts its river banks 1607, 2,000 died and this was the worst natural disaster in the UK history. In 1607 it was known as the tsunami, also known, more , as the Bristol Channel Floods. It was on the morning of January 20th, the Bristol channel burst so fast that people could not out run it. within a few hours 20 villages was under water and over 2,000 people had died.

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Infection forms selectively target other species that possess sentient intelligence and are of sufficient biomass, and can infest living or lightly wounded dead bodies. Infection forms have long tendrils that pierce the skin of the host and find their way to the spinal cord. They then synchronize with the host, matching frequencies with the host's nervous system and killing them almost instantly. From there, they take control of the host body, replacing whatever mind originally resided there with the ravenous and voracious psyche of the Flood, although certain higher-level cognitive abilities, such as combat techniques and technical knowledge which may be useful, are retained, scanned from the victim's brain after death. Despite this lingering of certain memories, no trace of the original mind's personality remains; only a simplistic and primal urge to assimilate or destroy other species drives the organism after infection. In isolated cases, such as when the Flood seek very specific information from an individual's mind, they utilize an alternate, undescribed method of infestation that does not kill the host immediately; this allows the Flood to "burrow" into the host's mind, eventually giving them access to the entire scope of the host's memories. This has only been specifically seen when the Flood sought information from Captain , such as the location of Earth or a starship that would free them from Installation 04. In addition, if the Infection Form that initiates assimilation is extremely aged or damaged somehow, the death of the host can be removed from the equation entirely; Private suffered such a fate, remaining alive and fully aware of his situation despite the mutation of his body, even exhibiting limited control over his body at times when the Flood instincts were dormant.

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Meanwhile, the pursuing Covenant cruisers (among them ) amassed their ground forces on the surface, and soon discovered an underground Forerunner in the swamps of Halo. Due to the secure nature of the facility, the Covenant came to use it as a fortified base of operations and an area for storing weaponry, oblivious to its true nature. Though some of the Flood managed to escape, the terrified Covenant soldiers eventually pushed the Flood back in. It is unknown whether a few still escaped.

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After exhausting every other strategic option, the Halo Array was fired, resulting in the elimination of the original source of the Flood infestation and the death of every sentient being in the Galaxy, effectively removing both the source and its entire food supply.

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14. Meshech: The descendants of Meshech are often spoken of inclose association with those of Tubal, the Assyrians for examplementioning Tabal and Musku, whilst Herodotus writes of theTiberanoi and Moschoi. A very much earlier reference to thepeoples of Meshech, is an inscription of ca 1200 BC which tells us how theyoverran the Hittite kingdom; and an inscription of Tiglath-pileser I ofAssyria from ca 1100 BC, who tells us that, in his own day, the Mus-ka-a-iawere able to put into the field an army of 20,000 men. The activities ofthis same people are also subsequently reported by Tukulti-ninurta II, AshurnasipalII, Sargon and Shalmaneserr III, the last of whom refers to them as theMushki. Josephus knew them as the Mosocheni (LXX Mosoch),whom, he says, were known in his own day as the Cappadocians. Somelater writers have pointed out that the name of Meshech is preserved inthe old tribal name of the Muscovites of Russia, after whom Moscowis named. Such an identification, it must be said, is not at all unlikely,especially when we consider the subsequent history of their historicallyclose associates the people of Tubal, and the fact that the city is stillknown today in the Russian tongue as Moskva, an exceedingly close,not to say identical relationship to the Assyrian form, Musku. (Refs:1DB 3:357. NBD 811. JAl. vi.l. P 1:26)