The floods in The Epic of Gilgamesh and Genesis 6-9 are very similar.

Within a few months of one another during the 1928-1929 excavation season, archaeologists at two southern Mesopotamian sites, Ur and Kish, announced the discovery of flood deposits which they identified with the Flood described in the Hebrew scriptures and cuneiform sources. The famous and glamorous Sir Charles Leonard Woolley, after his deep excavations of the Early Dynastic royal tombs at Ur, had a small test shaft sunk into the underlying soil. He persisted through some eight feet of bare mud before finally coming to a layer bearing artifacts of late prehistoric date. It did not take Woolley long to arrive at an interpretation:

This adjustment in Gilgamesh's behavior shows his modesty and the morality throughout the story.

On the other hand, Gilgamesh is changed as a person at some point throughout the story where their friendship evolves, in which Gilgamesh’s unpleasant qualities are finally pushed aside....

The Bible calls Nimrod a tyrant, and Gilgamesh was a tyrant.

The Epic of Gilgamesh focuses on one particular viewpoint in which the realization of growing up and finding wisdom within oneself is emphasized through Gilgamesh himself, and his relationship with his friend Enkidu.

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The gods may come to the incense offering,
but Enlil may not come to the incense offering,
because without considering he brought about the Flood
and consigned my people to annihilation.'

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However, most people do not realize that the story is told throughout many different cultures and with accounts older than Genesis¹s version in the Bible.

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Budge states in Babylonian Story of the Deluge and the Epic of Gilgamesh that the narration of the Flood in Sumero-Babylonian records may simply be related to a local flood instead of a worldwide Flood such as the Bible narrates: It is not too much to assume that the original event commemorated in the Legend of the De...

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At the core of Gilgamesh’s desire resides his inability to accept the inevitability of death, making his rationality behind the pursuit of immortality ignorant and selfish.

The story centers on a friendship between Gilgamesh and Enkidu

God accomplished this by flooding the world, and annihilating all the creatures upon it, except for Noah and his family and a pair of each type of creature on the earth.

The Epic of Gilgamesh Tablet XI - The Story of the Flood

Even the gods were frightened by the Flood,
and retreated, ascending to the heaven of Anu.
The gods were cowering like dogs, crouching by the outer wall.