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Lasting security is impossible if Spain and France continue to alienate their Muslim immigrant population and treat minorities as potential threats. This creates chilling effects between Muslim immigrant communities and authorities and can also support the common terrorist recruiter narrative that Muslims will never fully belong. Supporting and integrating immigrant communities and treating terrorism as a joint-threat affecting, all regardless of origin or religion, is the only way to guarantee lasting cooperation and success in the fight against terrorism.

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While these two countries have different experiences with domestic terrorism, many of their struggles, including domestic xenophobia, racial profiling, and the creation of robust but fair security practices, are very similar. Staunch security practices may help foil terrorist plots and ensure security in the short-term, but alienating minorities and immigrants will not lead to lasting security and peace. Terrorism affects and hurts everyone – native Europeans and recent immigrants alike. Anti-terrorism strategies must include supporting, integrating and working with immigrant communities on the joint-effort of preventing extremist attacks.

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IMF and the Fight Against Money Laundering and the Financing of Terrorism. October 30, 2017

48. We celebrate Home Team NS50 this year. A series of events and initiatives have been lined up to recognise the important contributions of our NSmen made towards nation-building. We will continue to count on them also in the fight against terrorism.