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The distinction between twinned loops and lateral pocket loops made byHenry and adopted by other authors has been abandoned by the FederalBureau of Investigation because of the difficulty in locating andtracing the loops. Both types have been consolidated under theclassification "double loop."

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It is not necessary for a bureau to send a regular fingerprint card tothe Identification Division of the Federal Bureau of Investigation onindividuals who have been arrested repeatedly and whose previousrecords are known to the local law enforcement agency. In such casesthe "Record of Additional Arrest" form should be used.

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It is suggested that the fingerprint card be white, light cardboard, 8by 8 inches, slightly glazed. This size is convenient, as it allowsall the space necessary for recording the classification of the printsand general descriptive information concerning the individual. In theevent the new bureau desires to contribute copies of its fingerprintsto the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the latter will, upon request,gladly furnish fingerprint cards for the purpose together withenvelopes and instructions on how to take fingerprints. It issuggested that the new bureau design its cards similar to thosefurnished by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, as these have beendesigned after special study and have been found to be satisfactoryover a long period of time. Figures 409 and 410 show the fingerprintside and reverse side of the criminal fingerprint card used by theFederal Bureau of Investigation.

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06.03.2018: The Central Bureau of Investigation has today arrested an Inspector of Income Tax, Ward-1(1), Vanijya Nikunj, Udyog Vihar, Phase-V, Gurgaon (Haryana) for demanding & accepting a bribe of Rs. One Lakh. ....

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25.02.2018: The Central Bureau of Investigation has registered a case on a complaint from Oriental Bank of Commerce against a private Sugar Company based at Simbhaoli, Hapur, Ghaziabad ....

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22.02.2018: The Central Bureau of Investigation has today arrested a Private Person, resident of Kannauj (Uttar Pradesh) in a case related to the allegations of uploading/sharing of child abuse videos and images on Whatsapp Group ....

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WCDX extension: In the extension used in the Federal Bureau ofInvestigation for the large whorl groups, the type of whorl isdesignated by the symbols W, C, D, or X for the index fingers and w,c, d, or x for all other fingers, according to its classification asdefined in figure 354. These symbols are used for subclassificationpurposes only and are brought up into the classification formuladirectly above the subsecondary in their respective positions, theright hand being the numerator, the left hand being the denominator.

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The Federal Bureau of Investigation offers identification service freeof charge for official use to all law enforcement agencies in thiscountry and to foreign law enforcement agencies which cooperate in theInternational Exchange of Identification Data. Through thiscentralization of records it is now possible for an officer to haveavailable a positive source of information relative to the pastactivities of an individual in his custody. It is the Bureau's presentpolicy to give preferred attention to all arrest fingerprint cardssince it is realized that speed is essential in this service.