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07/03/2009 · Saigon falls to the North Vietnamese in 1975 ..

This Mister Freedom® “Saigon Cowboy” capsule collection is not a mere fashion statement. It is not intended to be controversial for the sake of it. It is not shocking for the show. It is not an attempt at offending war veterans, communities, the People of Vietnam or any nationals of countries involved or affected by that conflict. It is not meant to revive bygone or dormant animosities, nor to create new ones.

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In late April 1975, the outskirts of Saigon were reached by the North Vietnamese Army (NVA)

The Pentagon had spent most of its $1.126 billionSaigon aid bill – with two months remaining in the fiscal year. Theywere running out of money for Saigon. The Senate vote was 43 to 38in opposition to the Administration's request – with Senator Kennedy leadingthe Democrats in the attack. Also there were indications that theSenate intended to cut the next year's Vietnam aid package quite considerably. This was horrible news for the South Vietnamese Saigon Government.

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Also worth a visit would be Vung Tau, the former beachside resort for Saigon’s rich, famous and powerful which was where the RAAF operated its squadrons of Iroquois helicopters and Caribou transports. Not that there is probably much there now to connect with the Australian presence. Even the monument erected in 1971 to commemorate Australian assistance to South Vietnam’s defence was duly torn down after the northern victory.

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Whether actively involved or remotely witnessing it uncensored on live TV, everyone had an opinion about it. From the fall of Dien Bien Phu in 1954 to the fall of Saigon in 1975, the Vietnam War (known as the American War to the Vietnamese) was to split public opinion worldwide, and still confuses people to this day.

A look back at the fall of Saigon

The famous photo of the last US helicopter removing American personnel and supporters from Saigon ahead of the communist takeover of the city in 1975. The popular idea that the evacuations took place from the compound of the US Embassy is erroneous – the building shown in the picture was actually the CIA’s ‘Pittman Apartments’ some distance away.