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The action taken today by the Georgia PSC reflects some of the findings from its staff as summarized above, although it doesn’t in any way label them as fact. What has essentially happened today is exactly as staff suggested – that the PSC find a way to continue the project but impose upon the owners a larger amount of the risk and cost of the project. This has occurred, along with some other very significant addenda to incentivize the owners to move at what Echols called “fast but safe” speed in finishing the plants – the rate base inclusion of Unit 3 when commercial being a major one, and penalties on return on investment for late operation being another.

The Fifteenth Work Week of St Peter Church Expansion Project June 6 thru 10, 2016 with Sky View ..

Sort of confirms what the industry has been saying for several decades now…the key to cost-effective nuclear plant construction is to used standardized designs, plan the construction well, and complete the plant quickly. Everything that could could have gone wrong for Georgia Power’s project did go wrong and that just provides an opening for regulators to punish the investors. Sheesh what a country!

The Jefferson National Expansion Memorial is a park located in St

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