Things Turn Sour He divorced Hadley and married Pauline.

In 1996, his granddaughter, actress Margaux Hemingway, would take her own life; she is interred in the same cementery.

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His luck was completed when he married Hadley Richardson who bore his first son.

Just as expected, seventy-two per cent of themale students are circumcised. At Clem's party I had beenreminded of the promiscuous way in which American doctors circumcisemales in childhood, a practice I highly disapprove of, agreeing withthat publisher who is forever advertising in the New York a work which proves that circumcision isnecessary for only a very few men. For the rest it constitutes, in theadvertiser’s phrase, “a rape of the penis.” Until the Forties, only theupper or educated classes were circumcised in America. The real peoplewere spared this humiliation. But during the affluent postwar years theoperation became standard procedure, making money for doctors as wellas allowing the American mother to mutilate her son in order that hemight never forget her early power over him. Today only the poor BostonIrish, the Midwestern Poles and the Appalachian Southerners can becounted upon to be complete.

The very last years, 1960 and 1961, were marked by severe paranoia.

"You don't have to be Jewish to be concerned aboutcircumcision, and you don't have to be Jewish to appreciate - a thoughtful, nuanced, and wryly funnyportrait of Berkeley and the foibles of its denizens."

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This morning my nephew's circumcision. A short,bow-legged man, Austerlitz, who already has 2,800 circumcisions behindhim, carried the thing out very skillfully. It is an operation mademore difficult by the fact that the boy, instead of lying on a table,lies on his grandfather's lap, and by the fact that the personperforming the operation, instead of paying close attention, mustwhisper prayers. First the boy is prevented from moving by wrappingswhich leave only his member free, then the surface to be operated on isdefined precisely by putting on a perforated metal disc, then theoperation is performed with what is almost an ordinary knife, a sort offish knife. One sees blood and raw flesh, the [] bustlesabout briefly with his long-nailed, trembling fingers and pulls skinfrom some place or other over the wound like the finger of a glove. Atonce everything is all right, the child has scarcely cried. Now thereremains only a short prayer during which the drinks some wine and with his fingers, not yet entirely unbloody,carries some wine to the child's lips. Those present pray: “As he hasnow achieved the covenant, so may he achieve knowledge of the Torah, ahappy marriage, and the performance of good deeds.”

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WALPOLE []I havent got one. Look at me ! Ive no symptoms. I'm sound asabell. About five percent of the population havent got any ; and I'm oneof the five per cent. I'll give you an instance. You know Mrs JackFoljambe : the smart Mrs Foljambe? I operated at Easter on hersister-in-law, Lady Goran and found she had the biggest sac I ever saw: it held about two ounces. Well, Mrs Foljambe had the right spirit -the genuine hygienic instinct. She couldn't stand her sister-in-lawbeing a clean, sound woman, and she simply a whited sepulchre. So sheinsisted on my operating on her, too. And by George, sir, she hadn'tany sac at all. Not a trace ! Not a rudiment ! I was so taken aback -so interessted, that I forgot to take the sponges out, and wasstitching them up inside her when the nurse missed them. Somehow I'dmade sure she'd have an exceptionally large one.

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After marrying, the Hemingways decided to live abroad for a while, and, following the advice of Sherwood Anderson, they picked Paris, where Ernest could develop his literary skills better than anywhere else.