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Most of us have already heard of an illness called scarlet fever. This condition, in fact, has already claimed a countless number of lives all over the globe. However, the high incidence of mortality with regards to scarlet fever is not due to the severity of the condition, but rather due to the lack of knowledge about this particular illness. Scarlet fever is caused by an exotoxin produced by streptococcus pyogenes, which is easily manageable by today’s antibiotics. Nevertheless, many lives still succumb to this ailment due to the lack of information about it. This is the reason why it is essential for us to learn how to determine problems such as this by knowing how to identify its major signs and symptoms.

Symptoms of scarlet fever typically include a very high ..

For example, one newspaper published a personal story that started with "How my son died from chickenpox." This scare tactic ruse was coupled with the "I (almost) forgot to mention" ploy, because the child had a preexisting condition that left him vulnerable to infection.(211)Note: On March 17, 1995, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced that it had approved a chickenpox vaccine.(212) Shortly thereafter, the American Academy of Pediatrics began recommending it for all infants.(213) 16.

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It removes the pain and discomfort, removes the fever and abates the evidences of the disease without after-effects.

A sore throat is also evident in some cases of scarlet fever. This symptom is somewhat related to strep throat since both illnesses are caused by the same species of bacteria.

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Red rashes are considered to be a good indicator of scarlet fever. These rashes are somewhat similar to sunburn in terms of appearance and also carry a sandpaper-like texture. These rashes are commonly located or spotted on the face that goes to the neck and will eventually spread to the trunk and the extremities. Once pressure is applied to the skin, it will turn instantly pale.

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In 1974 McKeown and Lowe proposed this was principally due to a vast improvement in living standards in both Western Europe and the United States. Better housing, sanitation, nutrition and health care resulted in a better state of health in the infant population. Coulter and Fisher (1991) also pointed out that the successful use of antibiotics to control secondary infections such as pneumonia and bronchitis gave babies a much better chance of surviving pertussis, scarlet fever and other serious illnesses. Another reason proposed for the decline in morbidity was that the populations of . Then there are people who are immunocompromised who cant have a vaccine and an infectious disease like measles could be fatal to them so the concept of herd immunity is how to protect them. Thats assuming all vaccinated children don’t get the disease and that we know exactly which children can be vaccinated and which children cant. At the moment the the children who cant be vaccinated for fear of the side effects are the ones with serious illness, however there are children who are not seriously ill who get serious side effects from vaccines and there is no way of identififying who they might be as yet as yet. Yes its only a small group who will have serious side effects and its also a small group who will die and have serious side effects from infection in a healthy society. Perhaps we should focus our attention of the children who can get these diseases without problem rather than the few who will develop problems and be aiming for heathier children through diet and lifestyle rather than medicalising childrens health and wellbeing.

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"After contracting measles and other childhood illnesses (e.g.. chickenpox, scarlet fever, whooping cough, rubella, mumps and may be others), it has been widely accepted by many health practitioners, including experienced orthodox paediatricians that this is often beneficial for the general health of many children. Specifically it has been shown that children contracting measles naturally were less likely to suffer from allergic conditions such as asthma, eczema and hayfever, (Lancer June 29 1996)."
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