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Relatives of his empress and the consorts had acheived important ranks in the bureaucratic hierarchy, and the performance of political power was intensively connected with the question of who became the heir apparent.

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A further reduction of the feudal princedoms' power was the possibility for princes to grant marquis feuds ( 侯國) to their sons and relatives that were politically subordinated to the commanderies ( 郡) and therefore to the emperor.
In the economic sphere the situation of the deficit spending of Emperor Wu because of wars and luxury made tax reforms necessary.

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During the civil war following the death of Wang Mang, the Han empire's control of the Western Regions was lost.

Fortunately, expansion and wars within the Western Territories and in Inner Asia were not more in the limelight of daily politics of the Emperors Zhao, Xuan and 漢元帝 (r.