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These findings send a compelling message: violence against women needs our urgent attention. But in addition to the necessary help to victims and ensuring the appropriate discipline for perpetrators, society needs to confront the source of this complex problem at its roots.

Domestic violence is considered one of the most pressing issues in American society

Addresses psychological, political, social, and developmental impacts of growing and living within a cultural environment of pervasive, ritualized violent representation.

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Portrays the impact that sex and violence in media have on society and culture in our everyday life.

This documentary pushes aside assumptions about what we think about violence and takes a glance into a startling social mirror that reveals a strong connection between violence in her maternal line and a predestined childhood filled with bad decisions.

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of women is a large part of relationship abuse/rape culture and has serious consequences. When a person sees his partner as an object, he is more likely to see her as a personal possession rather than an individual. Objectification also makes it harder to empathize with women who have experienced abuse or sexual violence. As long as women are seen as objects, they will continue to be seen as objects to beat and rape in our society. People do not beat or rape “humans”; they beat or rape “objects.” Women are still portrayed as objects in the media and seen as objects in mainstream society. Objectification of women and sexualization of violence occurs in advertisements, music videos, video games, movies, pornography, and in various interactions (sexist language, catcalling, etc). The examples below portray women as sexually available, submissive, interchangeable with other women, while men are displayed as aggressive, dominant, and violent. These sorts of examples are everywhere, and they send a message that women are objects for men to act upon violently and sexually.

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Rape Culture/Relationship Abuse Culture is a culture that accepts and supports men’s use of violence against women. Abuse is not a natural result of anger problems or alcohol—it is a that operates within a larger context. Ideas, customs, and institutions influence the development of male violence. A number of act on the individual to breed misogyny and shape ideas about male dominance and the devaluation of women, which can normalize abusive behavior. Relationship Abuse/Rape Culture is made up of many interrelated societal phenomena, that include , , , and . Rape culture is the desensitization of and acceptance of violence against women as normal. Advertisements, movies, video games, the mishandling of court cases, etc. have contributed to this desensitization of violence against women and the examples below demonstrate how society minimizes, trivializes, and even encourages rape and abuse.

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In the current social climate, men are more likely to perpetrate violence and women are more likely to become victims. As young boys grow up into men, stereotyped beliefs about gender are relentlessly reinforced at , through , and the .