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This strengthens the possibility of a genetic link overshadowing family environment, but of course further research must be done (Daniels & Plomin, 1985). A study was performed to investigate the possible connection between genetic factors and children's adjustment to parental divorce.

Identical twins, or monozygotic twins, are siblings whose genotypes are duplicates of each other.

These researchers were interested in the relations between phenotypes and genotypes of twins reared apart, which was the experience of all the participants in the Swedish study.

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This coefficient ought to be higher in identical twins than in fraternal twins.

A child usually acquires a theory of mind, which is the understanding that objects and situations can be falsely interpreted or represented by their own mental states, by the age of four.

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Nevertheless, we cannot measure the numerous factors in varying environments that are conducive to schizophrenia, leaving us with the question as to which type of environmental factors play a causal role. Although there were several issues that I felt were not adequately demonstrated, there were several significant points that Haimowitz presented.

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It has even been suggested that 'the environment' consists entirely of epigenetic or stochastic phenomena that can never be detected by standard epidemiological methods" (McGuffin, 2004, p.

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"Perhaps because the overall size of the genetic effect is large, accounting for about 80% of variance, definite environmental factors have been difficult to pin down.

The most common molecular genetic study is called linkage analysis.

If two identical twins were separated at birth and one twin developed schizophrenia but the other did not, we could conclude that schizophrenia is strictly environmental.

I think this idea is very important in reference to personality.

However, I would like to expand upon this issue by arguing that we cannot generalize that environmental factors--particularly in the case of adopted probands--play a triggering role.

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Haimowitz reiterated the common knowledge that it is difficult to determine what genetic factors influence such a disorder; therefore we can proclaim that environmental factors inevitably contribute to the development of schizophrenia.