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They see the world through completely different perspectives

Of course, there are any number of different styles of design, and the chosen style can communicate certain messages with visitors. Some styles create certain impressions with many visitors, and this can help or hurt the overall communication of your site depending on the impression being given.

Adapting to Different Communication Styles

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Since each person has a preferred style of communication, once you think about it and determine their style, youcan communicate effectively by adapting your style to meet the needs of their style.

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My wife and I have quite different styles of communication. She loves details and I just want thebottom line. When I get home from work at the end of the day and she asks me "How was your day?" I am likely torespond with a simple "fine," or maybe give her a quick summary of one or two of the most important events.

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Of course this is just an example, as we all face the challenges of communicating with people whohave a different style of communication than our own. In this short article we'll look at the four "styles" ofcommunication and learn how to communicate with each one more effectively.

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Research which began in the 1940s and continues today has revealed there are four major styles ofcommunication. Some people combine two of these styles, but we all have a natural style of communication that weprefer to use.

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Remember, our natural tendency in communicating is to use our own style because it is what comesnaturally and automatically to us. But if we want to be effective communicators, we need to adapt our style to thatof the other person.

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One of the best ways to quickly improve the effectiveness of your communication is to adapt yourcommunication style to match theirs. Let me illustrate what I mean.