I need real difference between soul and spirit

As I have mentioned in previous comments, Hades includes both Paradise or Abraham’s bosom, the pleasant section where Abraham, Lazarus and all the believers rest after there death awaiting the resurrection of life (). This is different from the unpleasant part of Hades, referred to as a place of torment where the rich man went in Luke 16 and is separated by a gulf from the pleasant section.

Thank you for helping me understand the difference between soul and spirit, God bless you 🙂

While this might seem like a minor difference, I think the point of contention for me is where the emotion comes from? I always attributed emotions and feelings from the spirit, which is the eternal essence of who we are, while the role of the mind is purely to understand and measure the physical world that we live in. I support my distinction with 1 Corinthians where Paul talks about the role of tongues and how it edifies the spirit but neglects the mind, and how both the mind and the spirit need to be edified.

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Please Sir, is there any Biblical relationship between blood and soul of human

We have to realize that God’s administration has different stages. Right now God is still giving time for sinners to repent and for believers to grow in Christ. In 2 Pet 3:9, it says, “The Lord…is long-suffering toward you not intending that any perish but that all advance to repentance.” God is very long-suffering, but at the end of this age His toleration will come to an end.

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Brother Amos, thanks for your encouraging comment. God’s people really need to know the difference between their spirit and soul and also how to discern them in their daily Christian experience. Since the Lord is now with our spirit (2 Tim 4:22), it vital for us to learn how to turn to our spirit, exercise our spirit and follow the sense of the spirit (our spirit joined to the Lord’s Spirit) in everything. This life-long learning causes us to mature in Christ and live as members of the Body of Christ (Eph. 4:13, 15-16). May the Lord guide you and the believers under your care into a living in this reality.

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Hi Tom, I have thought about the Soul and Spirit for the last 20 years and I still am trying to understand the difference. I do base my thoughts on scripture. I Know GOD breathed into Adam and he became a living Soul or Nephesh,could we say? GODs breath, a living Soul by which the body lives, and this breath or soul leaves on death.1 Kings 17:21, 22.
Also that God’s spirit witnesses with our spirit and we know we are HIS son, or a son of God.
What I seem to be missing in most studys and discussions is: the eternity of the soul, saved and unsaved . I keep thinking that the Soul is a special gift given to man by GOD, and the eternal gift is the breath of GOD. Everything from GOD is eternal
His being, His word, His love, His breath, His forgiveness. By the gift of His breath we obtained an eternal Soul.
I also think about how this Soul is transfered to our children. The Scripture says:
Adam is the father of all living. Would not this apply to Eve as well as his children?
The bible indicates old and new testament souls being in the loins of the father.
Another question. Would this not be how the soul is transfered at conception?
Is not a renunion of man and wife holy and acceptable to God. Would not this be
the reason that God hates and its an abomination to Him, unnatural sex perverision?
Sincerely, in Christ Bruce.

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I am a student of the Word of God and specifically in the areas of Faith, Body, Soul and Spirit and I am so happy that you have added to my knowledge in these areas. I love the simple way you have presented the difference between the soul and spirit. As a Zambian Pastor this is very beneficial and i will pass it on during my teachings of God’s Word to my hearers. Thank you very much and keep it up.