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The high gods, however, were believed tohave more important things to do than to attend to the common man's every dayprayers, and so personal gods were devised as intermediaries between man andthe high gods.

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Typically Isis' name in hieroglyphics includes the symbol for "throne" as the first character, and the symbol for "goddess" as the last one. The semicircle in between is a "loaf" symbol, which is pronounced like a letter "t". The literal translation of her name means, "She of the Throne," referring to Isis' position as Queen of the Gods. Sometimes the name is abbreviated to just the throne itself.

link between humanity and the other gods.

Another lioness-headed goddess was Tefnut. One way to tell the difference between them is to look at their names in hieroglphyics. Another way is to look at the ears. Sekhmet has rounded ears, whereas Tefnut has pointed ones.

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Since goddesses such as Athena are, one suspects, pre-Greek, even , an ancient connection between Crete and the Egyptian Delta is not beyond consideration.

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In fact, there is no information and no indication at all of any real ethnic differences between Sumerians and Akkadians, or of any other clear distinctions between the communities.