When the World Ended: The Diary of Emma LeConte Earl S

The collection consists of genealogy, correspondence, writings, photographs, daguerreotypes, and printed material. The early correspondence concerns the LeConte, Furman and Carter families. More recent correspondence is of Carolyn Shaw McMillan, a great granddaughter of Emma Florence LeConte Furman. Much of this correspondence deals with efforts to preserve LeConte-Woodmanston and to reconstruct the botanical garden. In 1973 the site was placed on the National Register of Historic Places. Of the original 3,354 acres, 63.8 acres were deeded to the Garden Club of Georgia in 1977. Most of the writings are by Emma Florence LeConte Furman, who kept diaries for many years, and also wrote of her travels and her family.

Diary, 1864-1865: (transcript), by Emma LeConte The electronic edition is a part of the UNC-CH ..

Emma Florence Le Conte Furman (1847-1932) married Farish Carter Furman (1846-1883) in 1869. They lived on the family plantation at Scottsboro, near Milledgeville, Georgia. Her diary of Columbia, South Carolina before and after the devastation by Sherman's forces was edited by E.S. Miers and published as When the World Ended (N.Y.: 1957). Farish Carter Furman was probably a grandson of Dorothea McDonald Furman and the Rev. Dr. Richard Furman (1755-1825), Baptist minister. Farish Carter Furman was apparently named for his grand-uncle, Farish Carter (1780-1861), the wealthy planter and husband of Eliza McDonald. Another McDonald sister, Ann, first married a Mr. Martin and later married the Rev. Dr. William T. Brantly (1787=1845), Baptist minister. The McDonald women were sisters of Governor Charles J. McDonald. Emma Le Conte Furman's father was Joseph Le Conte (1823-1901). Her uncle was John Le Cont (1818-1891), a noted physicist, chemist and teacher. Both John and Joseph Le Conte were physicians and scientists; they taught at the University of Georgia, the University of South Carolina, and the University of California, Berkeley. During the Civil War, John Le Conte was Superintendent of the Confederate Niter Works in Columbia, and Joseph Le Conte was the chemist for the Confederate Niter and Mining Bureau. John Le Conte was President of the University of California for many years. Both were contributors to scientific magazines in their fields. Joseph Le Conte was author of A Compend of Geology (N.Y.: 1884) and Autobiography, ed. by W.D. Armes (N.Y.: 1903). Joseph Le Conte's account of the last days of the Confederacy, 'Ware Sherman, ed. by his daughter, Caroline, was published at Berkeley, California, in 1938.

Most of the writings are by Emma Florence LeConte Furman, ..

Emma LeConte: Diary, ..