The Original Image of Divine Mercy - Documentary

Indeed, this is our hope, and this image of the Divine Mercy was designed by our God, to bring us precisely this hope, and trust, as we grow ever closer to that long-awaited, and very much needed, Second Coming of Christ.

Jesus surely knew what He was doing when He gave us His Divine Mercy image.
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As you read Part Three, Art and Liturgy, The Question of Images, keep in mind all the details of the Divine Mercy image.
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The more you read, the more you come to understand the importance and significance of having the Divine Mercy image in every single Catholic Church.

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Its dynamism is ‘identical?with the dynamism of the liturgy as a whole?In the liturgy the curtain between heaven and earth is torn open, and we are taken up into a liturgy that spans the whole cosmos.?The Divine Mercy image portrays Christ coming to us from Heaven and opening up that curtain and bestowing upon us His inexhaustible grace and mercy.

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Only by reading this masterful work will we come to understand the depth of the Pope’s insight and the urgent need to re-invigorate our churches with sacred art that is ordered to the liturgy, not just for Mercy Sunday, but for every liturgy, of which no other image could represent so precisely as the Divine Mercy image itself.

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Lucie, Florida, USA. We started our ministry in 1997 to help parishes to celebrate the Feast of Divine Mercy because there was such a great need. We also started printing high quality life-sized Divine Mercy images on paper and canvas because there was such a great need for quality life-sized Divine Mercy images that would be large enough for use in all of our churches and sanctuaries from Chapels and Churches to very large Cathedrals. We have shipped Divine Mercy images framed and unframed in many parts of the world and we want everyone to know The Divine Mercy.

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water-resistant canvas to best simulate the original Divine Mercy image paintings. They are also available printed on the very best quality paper and with a glossy lamination or on durable vinyl that has a nice texture. Call us for other options. Let us print the perfect Divine Mercy image for you. We print in our own facility and also utilize other print shops that can print on any material and we can also print in many different and multiple languages. So if you are looking for a special Divine Mercy image up to life-size and larger, we can print it for you.