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Duckworth, Peterson, Matthews & Kelly (2006). Grit, perseverance and passion for long-term goals. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 92(6), 1087-101.

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When talking about success, it is often said that the difference between failure and success is perseverance. There are countless stories of people who have simply not given up on their goal, refused to let their dream die or even had faith in another person, despite the odds not being in their favor or the lack of signs that success is on the horizon.

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For instance, J.K. Rowling, of Harry Potter fame, is a common modern-day example of perseverance. She was at the end of her rope, suffering the death of her mother, with no money to live on and a daughter to raise, and having been through a divorce, yet she persevered. She wrote her manuscript in her tiny apartment and submitted it only to receive many rejections. But, she finally got a yes. What if she had never written the books because she felt her life was too hard? What if she had given up after she had received the first rejections? Regardless of the billions that the Harry Potter brand is now worth, J.K. Rowling would have missed out on the satisfaction of persevering and prevailing, which she has likely done beyond her wildest dreams.

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If you think that perseverance is something you’d like to have a little bit more of in your life, ask yourself, what is perseverance? How do I cultivate it in my life?

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Many times the moral of these stories is that in the end, the person succeeded. You know the saying—when the going gets tough, the tough get going. Often, those that persevere do reap the rewards and benefits from their efforts. Often, perseverance is the only way to achieve something, even if it is difficult.

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To cultivate perseverance it is sometimes necessary to slow the progress to your goals down a bit. Taking the goal in small chunks and enjoying the rewards of meeting each smaller piece can eventually lead to the success you want.

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Main Entry: per·se·ver·ance
: the action, state, or an instance of persevering

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