RoyaltyRange is an intellectual property royalty rate database

The Resolution Economics’ Labor and Employment Services team is a market leader in providing statistical and economic support in a variety of litigation and consulting settings. Our firm has provided consulting and expert testimony in class action, multi-plaintiff and...

 This website describes the importance of evaluating an intervention's economic efficiency.
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Formed to increase communication among health economists, foster a high standard of debate in the application of economics to health and health care systems, and assist young researchers at the start of their careers.

ROYALTY RATES OECD definition of royalties

Definition of Hedonic Value: A dimension of consumer perceived value associated with senses, pleasures, feelings, and emotions.
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This glossary is intended to serve as a resource for understanding the concepts included in the Affordable Care Act. It provides simple and straightforward definitions of key terms that are part of the health reform law.

What Can I Do With a Degree in Economics?

The purpose of this Guide Notice is to clarify NIH policy related to funding health economics research. This Notice serves to communicate NIH's priority areas of health economics research as well as research aims that generally fall outside of the NIH mission - to seek fundamental knowledge about the nature and behavior of living systems, and the application of that knowledge to enhance health, lengthen life, and reduce illness and disability.

HSRIC: Health Care Reform, Health Economics, and …

SHPDR captures cross-sectional and longitudinal variation in states' statutes and laws to enable researchers to perform clinically oriented health economics research, and investigate the diffusion of medical technology and other health services research outcomes of interest.

Profit has a number of different ..

This book, aimed at health care providers; administrators; caregivers; policy makers; health professionals; federal, state, and local government agencies; private and public health organizations; and educational institutions, looks at the barriers which hinder progress in improving health and currently threaten the nation's economic stability and global competitiveness. It also addresses the knowledge and tools available to better quality care at a lower cost.

Economic. industry, and city-level forecasts and analysis

National center located in Menlo Park, CA that assists VA researchers in assessing the cost-effectiveness of medical care, evaluating the efficiency of VA programs and providers, and conducting high-quality health economics research. Provides aggregate data and findings about veterans. This site includes socio-economic data, the demographic characteristics of veterans, the geographical distribution of the veteran population, and other statistical data and information by veteran program.