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Resident Gratis and Nonresident Landowner - Licenses are available to residents and nonresidents who own, or residents who lease for agricultural purposes and actively farm or ranch, at least 150 acres of land located in an open hunting area. These licenses are valid only upon land described on the license. The license consists of the tag and the copy of the application returned to the landowner/lessee (both need to be in possession while hunting). The resident gratis or nonresident landowner license may be used during the deer bow, deer gun or muzzleloader seasons until the license is filled. Resident gratis and nonresident landowner licenses are issued only through the Department’s Bismarck office and are subtracted from the maximum number of deer gun licenses available (nonresident landowner from the 1 percent allocation), for each unit. A resident who holds a valid lottery license to hunt deer may hunt the same species and sex of deer, for which that person’s license is valid, on land in an adjoining unit for which that person would be eligible for a resident gratis deer license. A person, that person’s spouse, and their children who have a gratis deer license may hunt together on any qualifying land described on any of their licenses provided they hunt within the same unit in which their described land is located. No other licenses are required for resident gratis licensees. Applications received by the June 7, 2017 deadline will be issued an any-legal-deer license. Applications received after the deadline will be issued licenses based on availability after the initial lottery.

Archery deer hunts begin in late October and run until rifle season begins in mid November.

There’s some key factors to take into account when planning a trip to hunt Nebraska. To save yourself time and get the most out of your adventure use our 2018 Mule Deer Trip Planner as a guide.

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Black Powder deer hunts begin in December and close at the end of the month.

Deer Bow - Valid for any deer except antlerless mule deer in deer gun hunting unit 4A. Resident bow licenses are not limited. Nonresident bow licenses valid for any white-tailed deer statewide are not limited. Nonresident any-deer bow licenses are limited to 382, a number equal to 15 percent of the total mule deer gun season licenses made available during the previous year.

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Season opens at 12 noon Central Time on the opening date. See Special Herd Reduction Deer Bow Seasons. During the regular gun season orange clothing is required of all bowhunters and anyone accompanying apprentice license holders. Nonresidents are restricted to species of deer described on license. For residents, any deer is legal except antlerless mule deer within deer hunting unit 4A.

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The Nebraska Game and Parks Commission is offering special antlerless deer hunting opportunities within Eugene T. Mahoney and Platte River state parks, as well as Schramm Park State Recreation Area. Successful applicants will be issued a special access permit that allows them to hunt antlerless deer in designated areas of a park on certain dates, using specific equipment. Successful applicants and interested alternates must attend an orientation session in order to receive the access permit.

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This hunt coincides with the mule deer rut and gives you the best chance to take a trophy mule deer. The bigger bucks are less cautious at this time of year. It is not unusual to see 5 to 10 bucks a day.

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Deer can be found in every county in Nebraska. White-tailed deer are now found statewide with higher densities in the east and in riparian corridors. Mule deer occupy the western two-thirds of the state and are the dominant species in 20 counties. Nebraska offers ample opportunity to hunt public land, particularly in the western part of the state. View the to view land open to hunting in Nebraska.