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After the case was decided, the protests and debates didn’t stop there. In fact, there are still debates going on over the topic even today. was the driving force that pushed abortion into the spotlight. The wave that followed the case even caused an episode of to incorporate the main character to get an abortion, which led to a wave of controversy.[6]

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[Let me point out that abortion on grounds of self-defense canonly refer to self-defense against loss of life or severe damage to health,not something like loss of a little happiness or a slightly longer recoveryperiod. You may justifiably kill someone you reasonably believe would otherwisekill you or badly hurt you, but you cannot justifiably kill someone whoyou know would otherwise only lower your standard of living a bit. Thisis not to say there may be no other grounds for abortion.]

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There are a number of cases I wish to consider in terms of the rightnessor wrongness of abortion. These are (1) conception due to rape, (2) unwantedfetus or embryo conceived by non-negligent accident, (3) unwanted fetusor embryo conceived by negligent accident, (4) fetus or embryo whose birthendangers the life of the pregnant woman, and (5) fetus or embryo thatis likely to be born to a life of very low quality because of either (a)severe physical and/or mental birth defects or (b) some reason other thansuch defects, for example, malnutrition and likely starvation in a drought-stricken,impoverished country.

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The point of stating these observations is that it seems to me that1) some people are in a better position than others to understand a (prospective)child's best interests and best needs -- and thus in a better positionto understand the (prospective) child's quality of life (and/or the child'sself-perception of that quality) and 2) some people have a great psychologicalconcern of their own involved in what happens to (their) children -- andthus perhaps have more at stake, and perhaps, then, should have more tosay about how (their) (prospective) children should be treated. I suspectmuch more research needs to be done and much more reflection needs to begiven to 1) who is most likely to understand the needs of children, 2)what the needs of children really are, 3) the factors that give rise toemotional bonds with children, and 4) how biologically deep-seated, and/orlearned, and/or arbitrary and accidental, and/or how important and reasonablethese bonds or feelings are. Insofar as a parent is likely to understandthat the quality of life for his/her child will make that child miserable,and insofar as that parent has a reasonable and legitimate (not just arbitraryor accidental) concern of his/her own for the quality of life the childwill experience, the parent's informed choice, I think ought to have moreweight. The question is whether the prospective parent faced with the considerationof abortion is more (probably) knowledgeable about the prospective child'sneeds, and whether that prospective parent's own psychological feelingsare reasonable and/or reasonably changeable or not.

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Now there will be disagreement between abortionists and anti-abortionistson what the quality of life for an individual embryo is likely to be worth,how it should be valued; and there may be some clear cut cases and manythat are not clear cut as to whether the value of life will be appreciableand able to be appreciated or not. But this is one of the most importantareas of discussion. And more importantly, people need to try to make theworld (or particular environment at issue) a better place, so that fetaltermination of at least normal, healthy, embryo's will not have to be inanyone's mind a more attractive alternative than allowing birth to occur.