Conflicts in Africa—Introduction — Global Issues

Cultural bias is often learnt through socialisation, and being unaware of personal bias may lead to discrimination, misunderstandings and conflicts that will affect work relationships and service delivery.Recognising and respecting cultural differences can greatly improve relationships between people from culturally diverse backgrounds.This section covers:

All conflict is multi culturalThere is as much diversity within a culture as between cultures.

Whether we expect the process to have a start and end or to be an ongoing process)LessonsGiven that teams are comprised of diverse individuals with unique cultural backgrounds, what lessons can we distill for the successful prevention and resolution of conflict?

Cultural Conflicts in the 1920's by Jefferson Price on Prezi

An interest based approach is widely used by conflict resolution practitioners, especially in western cultures.

The dominant culture in the USA, Canada, Western Europe, Australia, and New Zealand is individualistic, while collectivism predominates the rest of the world.