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From at World War I’s end to to supporting both sides in the war of the 1980s to the and subsequent to the to the current , it has . Everything else is a . Iraq’s oil fields were history’s greatest material prize, now controlled by American oil companies, and no informed observers were fooled for an instant by the “war on terror” pre-invasion rhetoric by the oil-executive-dominated Bush administration (, , Rice, etc. – ). Both World Wars had as a critical strategic goal, and arguably critical goal.

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The next level of awareness is where Dennis, Brian, and I spent many years, and Dennis and Brian largely stayed there although I finally had to admit that it did not work and was unlikely to, which led to my current strategy. That . and drank deeply from the wells of their nationalist indoctrination, as . Dennis tried forming movements around Christian ideology early in his journey, and even tried it again in the 21st century. He also tried the “” approach, and almost all of his efforts either involved risk-free () marketing plans, business opportunities, or both. Dennis appealed to in the USA to attract interest in and involvement with his efforts. I to raise awareness of FE, and it was the last time that I will ever try the mass movement approach. Mass movements, by their very nature, appeal to lowest-common-denominator beliefs to form movement () “cohesion.” Unfortunately, those beliefs are usually false, as nationalism, capitalism, and organized religion are built on lies, half-truths, and self-serving myths. Little resembling enlightenment comes from such ideologies. I came to believe that true enlightenment is the missing ingredient, and the necessary prerequisite for such enlightenment is a caring heart. Without that caring heart, .

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Rockefeller became a robber baron extraordinaire with the rise of oil in transportation. In the USA in 2011, more than 90% of all transportation energy was provided by oil, and the proportion is about the same for global industrial transportation. In the West, nearly all coal is used to produce electricity. A watershed event in oil’s use in transportation was when Winston Churchill, after in 1911, . The UK did not have domestic sources of oil as the USA did, and thus began the West’s domination of the oil-rich Middle East, which continues into the 21st century. By 1920, against the peoples of what became Iraq, as the UK secured the region for oil interests, and before World War II was over, Churchill called for the complete genocide of the Japanese people, , , and his , . His , but he is primarily remembered in the West as the great statesman who stood up to Hitler. Similarly, , the historical figure that and whose , is for .

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Christians are under renewed attack in the Middle East, especially in Iraq and Egypt; but the "liberal" press, which never worries much about the murder of Christians or Jews by Muslims, continues to ignore such developments.

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warfare is a societal failure, and warfare has been . Ever since , the USA has almost always picked fights with weak adversaries so that it could easily gain land or economic plunder from its targets. Americans only built upon the of their ancestors, so there is little need to "credit" Yankee ingenuity. Whether it was George Bush the First's phony "" with Iraq in 1990-1991, or the Clinton administration's that preceded the American bombing of Yugoslavia in 1999, or George Bush the Second's provided for invading Iraq in 2003, the USA has long engaged in Roman-style "diplomacy," which the . A standard American tactic, which Hollywood movies have used as a formula for generations, is that if the other party "starts it," then any amount of retribution is "justified," and the more extreme, as in the Biblical hundred-fold, the better. The USA did it from the beginning, and activities such as war provided Hitler with a blueprint to . Hitler also in formulating his Jewish policies. and the were only some of the more controversial events, as far as how much American complicity there may have been in provocations that the USA used to justify wars that it knew it would win, for reasons that were never officially stated.

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It is noteworthy that while the legend and the romance of the Vikings is still a part of popular culture (I was entranced by [1958], which I saw at in 1962), and most people retain an image of Viking barbarians fighting, looting, slaughtering, drinking, and raping (this is romance?), such awareness promply shuts down when the Norsemen convert to Christianity.