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The difference between what Christians recognize as healing by divinegrace and Reiki therapy is also evident in the basic terms used by Reikiproponents to describe what happens in Reiki therapy, particularly that of "universal life energy." Neither the Scriptures nor the Christian tradition as a wholespeak of the natural world as based on "universal life energy" that issubject to manipulation by the natural human power of thought and will. In fact, this world- view has its origins in eastern religions and hasa certain monist and pantheistic character, in that distinctions among self, world, and God tend to fall away. We have already seen that Reiki practitioners are unableto differentiate clearly between divine healing power and power that isat human disposal.

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If there are medical benefits from practicing yoga, then why shouldChristians not be able to practice yoga?
With any physical fitness, there are going to be some positive medicalbenefits. There are many other great physical fitness programs thatare out there with great benefits. So why take the chance in meddlingwith something that comes from, and is associated with, a false view ofsalvation? Why do we feel like we have to use an exercise that hasreligious values from a false religious system? Yoga is differentthan other exercise systems because it is more than just exercise. The point of yoga is to combine body, mind, and soul together.

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And yet, from the beginning, the Christiantradition has understood the benefits of fasting and restraint.

In hisbook 'The Dust of Death' Os Guiness has described the invasion of easternreligious ideas well;

Looking at this issue from a prophetic point of view we see that yoga isa force which is helping to bring together religious devotees of differentbackgrounds, since its techniques can be superimposed on any religioussystem including nominal Christianity and Islam.

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"It should be recognized that the attraction that New Age religiosityhas for some Christians may be due in part to the lack of serious attentionin their own communities for themes which are actually part of the Catholicsynthesis such as the importance of man’s spiritual dimension and its integrationwith the whole of life, the search for life’s meaning, the link betweenhuman beings and the rest of creation, the desire for personal and socialtransformation, and the rejection of a rationalistic and materialisticview of humanity.

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It encourages its participants to seek the answers tolife’s problems and questions within their own mind and conscience insteadof finding solutions in the Word of God through the Holy Spirit as it isin Christianity.

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Here the Christian should ask themselveswhether they need healing and material benefits or their God Jesus Christin Whom they believe, Who is the source of all healings and good health.

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It's misleading because it presupposesthat a dichotomy be made between the physical postures of Yogaand its underlying spirituality; it betrays ignorance because the Christianpractitioner who asks it, in all likelihood, has not done research on Yogabefore undertaking it.

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Hatha Yoga, one which is wide spread in Europe and Americafor relaxation and non-strenous exercises, is one of the six recognizedsystems of orthodox Hinduism, and it is at its roots religious and mystical,which is the most dangerous forms of Yoga (Dave Hunt, “the seduction ofChristianity” page 110) Remember the words of St.