Many educators, and other groups, in various parts of the country .

Therefore, the USA should set the example that every civilized nation has a moral responsibility to defend the safety of their decent civilians at least as diligently as they defend national security with an army.As aptly pointed out by Professor Donald Atwell Zoll from Arizona State University, who holds a :

These differences include the populations, number of cities, and yes, the crime rates.

Punishment applied to the clothed posterior seems to be most usual, the student most typically being required to hold an "all-fours" or "push-up" posture, hands on the floor with backside in the air. In other cases the culprit bends over a desk or chair in the British manner, or just stands upright facing the wall, or sometimes kneels on the floor or on a chair.

The examples below should confirm that point.

In the South, an ill-prepared attempt was made to ban CP in 1998 but this .

It has been called racist since a prosecutor can seek a death sentence against an African-American for a capital crime but not a white person for the same offense.

But they killed in the name of religion.

No. The Catechism is part of the Church’s ordinary teaching authority. Pope John Paul II placed his apostolic authority behind it. Its doctrinal authority is proper to the papal Magisterium. In John Paul II termed the Catechism a “sure norm for teaching the faith” and “a sure and authentic reference text.”

Secondary schoolboy on all fours in the school yard

There are no errors in the Catechism of the Catholic Church. The USCCB, in answering a question about whether the teaching of the Catechism can be disregarded:

The most lethal practitioner of the cult of Thuggee was Buhram.

Many opponents present, as fact, that the cost of the death penalty is so expensive (at least $2 million per case?), that we must choose life without parole ("LWOP") at a cost of $1 million for 50 years.

A close-up view of the classic Korean punishment position.

That idea has been preserved in the official teaching of the Church by the Holy Spirit. Don’t fight it. Nobody wins a fight against the Holy Spirit.

All had been strangled with his waistcloth.

Prof. Fastiggi recites a series of (possibly) contradictory opinions of popes and saints and theologians, and then claims that such (possible) contradictions prove that the Church has NOT been definitive for the 2000 years before the dawn of 2013, and now, in the light of 2013, the death penalty IS DEFINITIVELY EVIL, or as PF stated “contrary to the Gospel.”

Appropriately enough, he was hanged until he strangled.

That is what Catholic theologians loyal to the Magisterium should be imploring the Holy Father to do. Loyalty to the pope is not a matter of “spin doctoring” or damage control. It is a matter of humbly and respectfully assisting him in fulfilling the end for which the papal office exists – the preservation, whole and undefiled, of the deposit of faith.