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So, in the interests of multiculti sensitivity, pampered upper-middle-class trusty-fundy children of entitlement are pronouncing a Somali refugee beyond the pale and signing up to Islamic strictures on the role of women.Mark Steyn, [Regnery Publishing, 2014, pp.371-372, color added]

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393]Although much of Frazer's is now objectionable, and there are other possible explanations for the origin of matrilineal descent, his conclusion about the political power of women in ancient and paleolithic societies is still supported by the archeological and ethnographic evidence, despite popular theories (e.g.

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Yes, gender roles are necessary for society to function healthily. A man need to realize what his role is in making his spouse "bloom", same with the woman.
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Indeed, so far is the system from implying any social superiority of women that it probably took its rise from what we should regard as their deepest degradation, to wit, from a state of society in which the relations of the sexes were so loose and vague that children could not be fathered on any particular man.

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Although such a conception of the feminine does not suspend reference to existing women, it does suspend the notion of an ultimate feminine identity that could function as the ground of sexual difference.Barbara Claire Freeman, "The Feminine Sublime," 1995 [, Whitechapel Gallery & The MIT Press, 2010, p.64, color added] -- a "universal and transhistorical oppression," where the "patriarchy" cannot be blamed on Judaism or the Roman army, but has existed cross-culturally from the depths of time -- perhaps already "socially constructed" by the -- would seem to up the challenge to the Feminist abolition of the "feminine."

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The modern accusations of rape, when often by confused or dishonest young women, thus begin to look like a classic case of a "witch hunt." While the narrative about witch trials is generally that it was the patriarchy oppressing independent women, that doesn't quite square with the Salem case, where girls were the accusers and both women and men were accused.