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In general, Mai Chau’s climate is quite good around the year. It rains less and the humidity is lower than other Northern Vietnam cites. The best weather extends from September to May with temperatures ranging from 15°C to 30°C. Tourists should visit Mai Chau village by this period.

The Climate of Vietnam Densely populated with rainforests,green vegetation, and rice patties.

When applying for a Vietnam visa, in general you have to fill in two application forms and provide two passport photos. One of these forms, with photo attached, will be returned to you with your visa. For some odd reason many people throw this form away. Don't, because you'll be asked to hand it in at immigration on arrival. If you don't have it with you, blank copies are available at immigration. If you've got a spare photo, all well and good. If not, you'll have to engage the services of a handy airport photographer for the princely sum of $2-5.

If you need to extend your stay for any reason, it is relatively easy to apply for a visa renewal at present. Again this is handled by tour agents/travellers'cafés. The first renewal costs around $25-30 (including a handling fee) and takes three working days to process (please note that government offices are only open Monday to Friday). The maximum period you can ask for is 30 days and it costs the same whether you ask for 1 day or 30 days. A second 10-day extension is possible at a cost of around $35-40. For this second extension you will be asked to show an air ticket dated after the expiry of your visa.

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Vietnam: Vietnam, country occupying the eastern portion of mainland Southeast Asia.

ICEM has developed a Water pollution control funds in Vietnam Brief to explore the role of environmental funds for helping control water pollution in Vietnam. The brief is based on the findings and recommendations from a number of our recent reports on pollution and pollution control in Vietnam –including a national audit of pollution in manufacturing industries and review of pollution control legislation, planning and administration in Vietnam conducted by ICEM for the World Bank (ICEM 2007); a survey of financing demand amongst polluting establishments, financing mechanisms for pollution control and the costs of wastewater treatment in Vietnam conducted by ICEM for JICA Vietnam (ICEM 2010a); a study of revolving funds for water pollution prevention also for JICA Vietnam (ICEM 2010b); and, research by ICEM for the Asian Development Bank (ICEM 2008) and by the World Bank on point source pollution issues in the Nhue-Day and Dong Nai river basins (LBCD 2010). Many of ICEMs reports and briefs can be downloaded on the ICEM . The Water pollution control funds Brief is also available by .

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Delta Study on the impacts of Mekong mainstream hydropower. ICEM has been commissioned by the Vietnam National Mekong Committee and Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment in Vietnam to design a study assessing the impacts of Mekong mainstream hydropower development on the Mekong Delta of Vietnam. The Delta Study is in accordance with the Government of Vietnam's commitment to undertake a study of the upstream influence of hydropower and irrigation in the Mekong Delta as recommended in the MRC SEA of hydropower completed by ICEM, and to build a suitable scientific evidence base for decisions on the sustainable exploitation of Mekong River. ICEM will design a 3 million USD study and support the Government of Vietnam in the recruitment of the firm to undertake the Delta Study.

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You can change cash and travellers' cheques at exchange desks in big hotels and at authorised foreign exchange banks in the main cities. Among the banks, Vietcombank usually offers the best exchange rates and charges the lowest commission (around 1-2%). Note that commission rates are slightly lower if changing travellers' cheques into dong rather than dollars. Vietcombank does not levy commission when changing dollars cash into dong, though some other banks do. It's worth bearing in mind that you get a slightly better exchange rate for $100 and $50 notes than for smaller denominations. When cashing travellers' cheques you may be asked for your passport, though this practice seems to be dying out.

Outside the main cities and tourist areas, authorised foreign exchange banks are few and far between. So if you're heading off the beaten path, stock up with enough cash (dollars and dong) to last the trip. Wherever you are, you'll always find someone willing to change dollars cash into dong, though rates will vary.

When receiving dong, you'll be presented with a huge pile of notes. The largest bill is only 50,000d (roughly $4), so bear this in mind when changing $100! Refuse any badly torn notes (you'll find it hard to get rid of them - the same goes for dollars) and ask for a mix of denominations so that you always have a few low-value notes in hand.

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