Iago, Othello’s ensign, aspires to rise in the ranks.

Lodovico presents letters found in Roderigo’s pocket that disclose further details of Iago’s nefarious plot.

Despondent with self-recrimination, Othello stabs himself, falls on the bed, and dies.

Above all else, this Othello character analysis reveals that  Othello has gravitas.

She is blind to his evil until she discovers that it was he who plotted against Othello and Desdemona.
: A prostitute who has fallen in love with Cassio during his visits.

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If anything could add to the force of our sym-pathy with Othello, or compassion for his fate, it would be the frankness and generosity of his nature, which so little deserve it. When Iago first begins to practise upon his unsuspecting friendship, he answers-

Othello is noble, loving, and accomplished, the ideal husband.

Iago is the antagonist, or opponent of the main character.
: Daughter of Brabantio, wife of Othello, and victim of Iago's machinations and Othello's jealousy.

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Iago says that he himself, on the other hand, has proved his military prowess in battles at Rhodes, Cyprus, and elsewhere against Christian and heathen alike.

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He schemes against Othello because the Moor promoted a younger man, Michael Cassio, to the position of lieutenant, or second-in-command, even though Iago

They’re talking about Othello, though they never mention his name

Iago, the antagonist, sets the tone when he plots revenge against Othello, the protagonist, after the latter promotes another man to the position that Iago wanted.

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Shakespeare also invented several other characters, including Rogerigo, a young disappointed suitor of Desdemona, and Brabanzio, Desdemona’s father, who greatly opposes her marriage to Othello this second layer of...

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A rather obvious theme in the Shakespeare's tragedy, "Othello", is that of the many facets of jealousy, which instigate the evil-doings of protagonist, Iago....

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The goal of Iago’s plot against the highly respected Moor is not only to gain revenge; it is also to do what he most enjoys: evil.

After Othello elopes with Desdemona, daughter of Senator Brabantio, Iago realizes he has the perfect opening to get back at Othello.