Allocated and Reserved AS blocks

Buero Lenz & Moser GmbHAS28702 DELTATELECOM-AS Delta Telecom Autonomous SystemAS28703 URAL-INTERCARD-AS Joint Stock Company "UralInterCard"AS28704 TELINDUS-AS Telindus International Service CenterAS28705 CYBASE-AS Cybase Limited, ISP, LiverpoolAS28706 STRM-AS Stream TCAS28707 KANGAROOT-AS Kangaroot Networks, Brussels datacenter, BelgiumAS28708 ORANGEFR-PORTAL-AS Orange FranceAS28709 ASN-ITD ITD IsraelAS28710 ARABNET-ASN Ofoq Information Systems & CommunicationsAS28711 NECTIS-AS Carnea GmbHAS28712 TELSYCOM-AS TELSYCOM AS (JSC Telsycom Moscow)AS28713 SOVTEST-AS Sovtest Autonomous SystemAS28714 FHI-SIT Fraunhofer Gesellschaft (FHG)AS28715 ARP-DATACON-AS ARP Datacon AGAS28716 EPLANET-AS ePLANET SPAAS28717 ZENSYSTEMS-AS Zen SystemsAS28718 IDNET-AS IDNETAS28719 HMFES OJSC "Uralsviazinform"AS28720 GLOBTEL Globtel Internet srlAS28721 OPENSYSRO OPEN SYSTEMS S.R.L.

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AS5 ipartnersAS6 BLUEFIN-TRADING - Bluefin Trading, LLCAS7 UK Defence Research AgencyAS8 RICE-AS - Rice UniversityAS9 CMU-ROUTER - Carnegie Mellon UniversityAS10 CSNET-EXT-AS - CSNET Coordination and Information Center (CSNET-CIC)AS11 HARVARD - Harvard UniversityAS12 NYU-DOMAIN - New York UniversityAS13 BRL-AS - DoD Network Information CenterAS14 COLUMBIA-GW - Columbia UniversityAS15 NET-DYNAMICS-EXP - DYNAMICSAS16 LBL - University of CaliforniaAS17 PURDUE - Purdue UniversityAS18 UTEXAS - University of Texas at AustinAS19 CSS-DOMAIN - Center for Seismic StudiesAS20 UR - University of RochesterAS21 RAND - The RAND CorporationAS22 NOSC - DoD Network Information CenterAS23 NISN-SIP-AS - National Aeronautics and Space AdministrationAS24 AMES-NAS-GW - National Aeronautics and Space AdministrationAS25 UCB - University of California at BerkeleyAS26 CORNELL - Cornell UniversityAS27 UMDNET - University of Maryland at College ParkAS28 DFVLR-SYS Deutsches Zentrum fuer Luft- und RaumfahrtAS29 YALE-AS - Yale UniversityAS30 SRI-AICNET - SRI InternatiionalAS31 CIT - California Institute of TechnologyAS32 STANFORD - Stanford UniversityAS33 HP-DIGITAL-33 - Hewlett-Packard CompanyAS34 UDELNET - University of DelawareAS35 MICATON - MICATONAS36 EGP-TESTOR - SRI InternationalAS37 NSWC - Naval Surface Warfare CenterAS38 UIUC - University of IllinoisAS39 NRL-ITD - DoD Network Information CenterAS40 MIT-TEST - Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyAS41 AMES - NASA Ames Research CenterAS42 WOODYNET-1 - WoodyNetAS43 BNL-AS - Brookhaven National LaboratoryAS44 S1-DOMAIN - Lawrence Livermore National LaboratoryAS45 LLL-TIS-AS - Lawrence Livermore National LaboratoryAS46 RUTGERS - Rutgers UniversityAS47 USC-AS - University of Southern CaliforniaAS48 NRL-AS - Naval Research LaboratoryAS49 ICST-AS - National Bureau of StandardsAS50 ORNL-MSRNET - Oak Ridge National LaboratoryAS51 USAREUR-EM-AS - USAREUR Electronic MailAS52 UCLA - University of California, Los AngelesAS53 NORTHROP-AS - Northrop Grumman Corporation - Automation Sciences LaboratoryAS54 COA-FIN-NET-AS - Headquarters, USAAISCAS55 UPENN-CIS - University of PennsylvaniaAS56 OPTIMIS-P - OPTIMIS DivisionAS57 UMN-REI-UC - University of MinnesotaAS58 DREA-AS - Defence Research Establishment AtlanticAS59 WISC-MADISON-AS - University of Wisconsin MadisonAS60 DARPA-BFLY - Advanced Info.

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