The official name of the state is Chiapas

The origins, development, and present legal positions of the various forms of local, regional and metropolitan systems of municipal government in Canada. Special attention is paid to the problems of urban government, the territorial extent of local government, and local community development. The position of municipal government within the federal states. Prerequisite: Second-year standing (i.e. >24h completed).

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Courses in this area explain and assess the constitutional, institutional, legal, political, cultural, behavioral, social, and economic features of Canadian politics and government. They address persistent issues such as regionalism, leadership, party competition, pressure groups, divisions of interest and identity, and political reform. Attention is given, in various courses, to all or one of three levels of Canadian government.

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The second largest country in the world geographically, it is difficult to grasp the whole
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An exploration of political changes in Maritime Canada. Particular attention is paid to regional political cultures, electoral styles, party politics, leadership, federalism, Maritime Union, and public policy. Prerequisite: POLS 2006 with a minimum grade of B, or permission of the instructor.