The Walk of the Believer - Ephesians 4:25–5:6

So the language is the same asit was to the Ephesians as he writes to these Gentile believers.(what did He do with it?)Can you imagine what it would be like for a Gentile to live under the rules andregulations of Judaism?

The Walk of the Believer - Ephesians 4:25–5:6

Now you know when I see a particular word in Scripture. I always think of 4 or 5 verses that will fit. Let’s look at one of them. Go back to I Peter chapter 2 for a moment... Here in I Peter, this is almost the same kind of language we’re going to see in Ephesians in a moment or two.

The Walk of the Believer - Ephesians 4:25–5:6

Paul says this very thing in Ephesians 3:6, “To be specific, that the Gentiles are fellow heirs and fellow members of the body, and fellow partakers of the promise in Christ Jesus through the gospel,” (Ephesians 3:6). Until Christ’s resurrection, if one wanted to belong to God’s people, they would have to first become a Jew. There was no other way. If you wanted to worship the holy God, then you had to become one of God’s people. People claim that this was unfair, but we should recognize that God revealed Himself and salvation to anyone is a work of grace. Nobody deserves a chance.

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Paul doesn’t say they weren’t believers, because they were, but they didn’t grow. Paul of course, was the master teacher, but nevertheless the problem was that these Corinthians believers did not grow up, but rather they stayed on the carnal level, and could never get to the place of partaking of the meat of the Word, or the strong things just like many Christians do today. Now back to Ephesians chapter 4. Paul reminds us that we’re not to stay as baby Christians.

10 Finally, be strong in the Lord and in his mighty power

Now coming back to Ephesians chapter 4. So we’re not to remain as babes in Christ, because if we do remain that way, then the chances are good that babes in Christ, will be blown about with false doctrine. We are going to be subjected to deception, and so there’s only one remedy, and what is it? Grow up! Know what the Book says. This is the whole idea of the Book of Ephesians. We’re to get out of the simplistic areas of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John which was written primarily to the nation of Israel, and get into the deeper things written to the Church by Paul.

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In about 1937 a great Bible teacher saw then already the apostasy that was coming into some of the more liberal denominations, and even at that time he could see the day if the Lord tarries where the only true Biblical study and teaching would be in small Bible studies. And here as we close out this century, we’re seeing it. I know there are still some good Churches, I know there’s still some good pastors, but if you could hear my phone calls, and read our letters, you would be aghast at what’s coming out some of the pulpits of America. It’s absolutely unbelievable, and people are just up against it. They always ask, what can we do, where can we go and hear the Word, because we can’t find it. Well this is to be expected here in this day and age as we near the end time.

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Paul’s letters are written for the Church Age believer and are deep. However the Books of Ephesians, Philippians, and Colossians, and Thessalonians are about much deeper things than even what Paul’s other epistles are about. So we’re to get off the milk, and get into deep things so that when these deceptions come along, you won’t be blown away by them. Now verse 15. Instead of being blown away with every wind of doctrine and the deception of ungodly men, as Jude calls them, we are to do the following.