Robert Browning The Bishop Orders His Tomb at Saint …

In his homily, Bishop Julian Porteous asked our Lord, source of peace, to come to the aid of the Christians of the Middle East, and relieve their sufferings and distress, through the intercession of St Charbel. Bishop Porteous also prayed for Lebanon that it may know peace, stability and prosperity to continue to spread its message to the world: that all people despite their differences can manage to live together.

The Bishop Orders His Tomb At Saint Praxed's Church Rome, 15-- Vanity, saith the preacher, vanity

Complicating that possibility, the observers say, is Francis' own record on the abuse issue, especially his 2015 appointment of Bishop Juan Barros Madrid of Osorno, Chile. Barros has been accused of covering up abuse by a prominent priest in the 1980s and '90s.

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Robert Browning The Bishop Orders his Tomb at St …

On board a papal flight from Peru to Rome late Sunday, the pontiff acknowledged to journalists that his ” that Bishop Juan Barros Madrid had been complicit in the abuse of minors could have hit victims like a “slap in the face.” that his words on Thursday implied that victims’ accusations of sexual abuse are only credible with concrete evidence.

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34. And subsequently the emperor ordered a second council to be convoked inEphesus, and he likewise ordered Dioscorus, the patriarch of Alexandria, who wasappointed after Cyril, to be present. 35. And Flavian, patriarch ofConstantinople, and Eusebius, bishop of Dorylaeum, and Domnus, patriarch ofAntioch, and Ibas and John and Theodoret, and + Madjus +, bishops of the east,were deposed. And after this event the excellent emperor Theodosiusfell ill and departed from this life and went to God. 36. And while the empressEudocia was living in solitude in the holy places of Jerusalem, Pulcheriaaudaciously promulgated an imperial decree without taking the advice ofValentinian the emperor of Rome or that of the chief officers and senate, andmarried Marcian, the commander-in-chief of the army, and placed the imperialcrown on his head and made him emperor. And she became his wife and sacrificedher virginity. 37. During his lifetime the emperor had guarded her, without any desire on her part, lest anystranger should come into her and then proceed to seize his imperial throne.

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28. And the emperor sent and had fetched from his place of exile whither theelder Leo had driven him the holy patriarch Timothy. And when he was brought tothe city of Constantinople with the honour and dignity due to the priesthood, hewas welcomed by all the court and people. 29. And a letter was dispatched to allthe provinces and to all the bishops with orders to expel all who confessed thefaith of the Chalcedonians, (and likewise) to excommunicate and reject them.

The word pope derives from Greek πάππας meaning "father"

77. And Proclus also brought back the body of the holy John Chrysostom toConstantinople. Five and forty years had passed since his banishment to theisland named Thrace in the days of the Christ-loving emperor Theodosius theelder. 78. And he placed the body in the church of the holy Apostles whererepose (also) the bodies of the holy Fathers the patriarchs who had fulfilledtheir course virtuously and in the orthodox faith in Constantinople. 79. And as for the other bishops who had been wrongfully banished with him(S. Chrysostom), whom he could not bring back in the days of theblessed Atticus, the severed members were united together, and he made them one,and thus discord disappeared from the churches. 80. And he composeda treatise worthy of the holy John Chrysostom in which he besought God to pardonthe sins of the parents of the emperor Theodosius the younger—the sin they hadcommitted against the holy John Chrysostom.